Patrick Stewart Gives Lessons In Kissing To Conan O’Brien

Patrick Stewart and bestie Sir Ian McKellen recently shared a kiss on the red carpet for the premier of McKellen’s latest film, Mr. Holmes.

Last night, chatting up the 75-year-old actor, Conan O’Brien brought the kissing episode up.

Said Stewart, “Ian isn’t the only one. I don’t want you to think I am a one-man guy!”

Opening the door to more specific possibilities, Stewart asked O’Brien, “Do you want to try it out? You were looking at me in a way that I recognize.”

And Stewart moved in for the kill 🙂

O’Brien was feeling the moment, afterwards saying, “That was fantastic! I felt passion. you’re an iconic actor, a great man, and we kissed, and I felt like you suddenly accepted me as your better!”

O’Brien added, “Who says it should be unacceptable for heterosexual men to kiss each other on the lips. I say it should be commonplace!”