Kathryn Knott, Convicted #PhillyHateCrime Assailant, Loses Resentencing Appeal

Convicted gay-basher Kathryn Knot

After being convicted for her part in the violent gay-bashing of two Philadelphia men in 2014, 25 year-old Kathryn Knott was sentenced to 5-10 months in prison, plus two years probation in addition to anger management classes and a $2,000 fine.

The attack left two men bloodied in the street with one man’s shattered jaw having to be wired shut for months.

Ten days after her sentencing, Knott’s lawyer, Bill Brennan, requested a resentencing hearing to consider other options for her punishment.

Judge Roxanne Covington agreed to hear the appeal. And then denied the motion.

From PhillyVoice:

“The sentence is well within the guidelines and is as appropriate as I can provide within the law and shall remain,” Covington told Knott and her attorney, Bill Brennan, in court. “The motion is denied.”

Brennan requested Covington consider alternatives to incarceration, contending that Knott’s sentencing should be more rehabilitative and a better attempt to heal the wounds caused by the assault. He suggested Covington incorporate a public service announcement or community service into a new sentence.

In denying the motion, Covington said Knott displayed a “complete disconnection” from the assault and a “failure” to take ownership of her actions despite issuing an apology at her sentencing hearing.

“As injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, hatred toward any group is no different than hatred toward all of us,” Covington said. “Every single one of us has a right to be who we are, to love who we want and to walk down the street and enjoy the city safely, without fear of ridicule, of torture, of attack.”

Knott was offered the same plea deal her co-conspirators received. She declined the plea deal choosing to try her luck in court. That didn’t play out with the jury.

She was unapologetic right up to the minute her guilty verdict was read. It was only after that she suddenly seemed interested in expressing remorse.

Judge Agrees To Hear Resentencing Motion For Convicted Gay-Basher Kathryn Knott

Convicted gay-basher Kathryn Knott

Convicted gay-basher Kathryn Knott will see her attorney’s motion for resentencing considered by Judge Roxanne Covington in court on March 8th.

Knott’s current incarceration is related to the vicious 2014 beating of a gay couple in Center City which left one man with a shattered jaw.

Last month, Covington sentenced Knott last month to 5-to-10 months in prison and two years of probation for her role in the beating, which left Andrew Haught unconscious and with a broken jaw that needed to be wired shut. Knott also received a $2,000 fine and was ordered to attend anger management classes, keep out of Philadelphia County during her probation and stay away from Haught and his partner, Zachary Hesse, who sustained minor facial bruises.

The motion was filed last month in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas by attorney Bill Brennan, who replaced Louis Busico as Knott’s defense lawyer.

Knott, 25, of Upper Southampton, was one of three defendants charged in the beating. Her co-defendants, Kevin Harrigan and Philip Williams, received lighter penalties when they accepted plea agreements in October.

Knott opted to take her chances in court and ended up as the only member of the trio to receive any jail time. She was exonerated of aggravated assault charges against both victims, but found guilty of simple assault against Hesse, conspiracy and two counts of reckless endangerment.

Convicted Philly Gay-Basher Kathryn Knott Requests Resentencing Hearing After Only 10 Days In Jail

Convicted gay-basher Kathryn Knott

Convicted Philadelphia gay-basher Kathryn Knott has hired a new attorney who is requesting a hearing to reconsider her current prison sentence.

Kathryn Knott is asking Judge Roxanne Covington to grant her a resentencing hearing.

Attorney Bill Brennan, who replaced Knott’s former defense attorney Louis Busico, filed a motion for reconsideration Wednesday with the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas.

Earlier this month, Judge Roxanne Covington sentenced Knott last week to 5-to-10 months in prison (plus two years of probation, a $2,000 fine and was ordered to attend anger management classes) for her participation in the 2014 beating of a homosexual couple in Center City.

From PhillyVoice.com:

Brennan said late Wednesday afternoon that he is requesting the court consider alternatives to incarceration, contending that Knott’s sentencing should be more rehabilitative and better attempt to heal the wounds caused by the assault.

“Frankly, my client will be out in a few months either way,” Brennan said. “It’s to establish dialogue with the community and begin to heal the wounds with the victims, the community and the city.”

Knott, 25, of Upper Southampton, Bucks County, was convicted in December of simple assault, conspiracy and two counts of reckless endangerment for her role in the assault, which left Haught unconscious with broken cheekbones and a fractured jaw that needed to be wired shut for eight weeks. Hesse sustained minor facial bruises.

Brennan said Knott “has learned a lot in the 18 months,” adding that the community and city could benefit from a sentence that includes community service or a public service announcement.

“She’s learned that words and actions have a much more far-reaching impact and effect than she ever thought possible,” Brennan said. “She learned that your life can change on a dime. I think, rather than warehouse her in jail for a few months and that be the end of it, perhaps some community service or a public service announcement might be more proactive and productive in addressing the larger issues that this case dealt with.”

I rather doubt Miss Knott has learned much of anything throughout this hideous event. I would bet that several months in incarceration will deter her from attacking any more LGBTs in the future a lot more than sweeping an LGBT community center.

Knott’s cohorts in the vicious attack, Philip Williams and Kevin Harrigan, accepted plea deals which allowed them to avoid prison time. The agreement included 200 hours of community service at an LGBT center, and three years probation. Knott was offered the same, but refused, choosing to go to trial.

During the sentencing phase of the case, Assistant District Attorney Mike Barry requested a sentence of 9-to-23 months in jail.

Philly Gay Basher Kathryn Knott Sentenced To 5-10 Months In Jail

Convicted Philly gay basher Kathryn Knott was officially sentenced today to 5-10 months in jail.

When the judge announced a sentence of five to 10 months in jail, Knott, 25, slumped forward in her seat at the defense table and wept.

Knott’s attorney, Louis Busico, who had sought only probation for her, asked the judge if Knott could begin her jail term at a later date.

“She’s going to surrender now,” Covington said in her typical soft voice.

At that, Knott’s mother, Carol Knott, rose from her seat in the second row. A deputy sheriff motioned for her to sit down in the front row.

After Knott got up, red-faced and weeping heavily, she went to the bar of the court and hugged her mother. She then hugged her father, Karl Knott, the police chief of Chalfont Borough, in Bucks County. Then she hugged her mother again.

Knott, of Southampton, had been convicted by a Philadelphia jury in December of four misdemeanor counts – simple assault, conspiracy to commit simple assault, and two counts of reckless endangerment, but acquitted of a more serious felony charge of aggravated assault. The judge also ordered Knott to serve two years probation after her jail term.

The attack that Knott took part in sent two men to the hospital. One of the men had such severe injuries that his shattered jaw had to wired shut for months.

During the trial last year, Philadelphia Magazine reported on the details of the vicious assault according to the testimony of one of the victims, Zachary Hesse:

“What is that, your fucking boyfriend?”

“Yeah, so what if it is my boyfriend,” Hesse said he replied. He said Harrigan shot back in a “tough-guy” tone: “I guess you’re a dirty fucking faggot then.” Hesse approached Harrigan and shouted the same words back at him. Harrigan then pushed him, Hesse testified, and he pushed back. That’s when Harrigan punched him.

Hesse testified the ensuing incident was “terrifying.” He said the group shouted “fucking faggot” and “dirty faggot” constantly; he said it was said “more than 10, more than 20 times.” He threw a punch but it didn’t connect. About six people grabbed his arms, he said in court, and eventually Kathryn Knott threw a punch or slap — he closed his eyes when he saw her open hand coming toward his face — at him while shouting the slur. He identified Knott has his assailant in court.

It’s worth noting that Knott was offered the same plea deal her two co-defendants accepted which would have kept her out of jail serving only probation and community service.

She refused the deal.

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Jury In Kathryn Knott Trial “Disgusted” Over Knott’s Testimony

After the jury was dismissed in the trial of Kathryn Knott in Philadelphia today, three jurors spoke to the press, saying the entire jury believed Knott not only punched the victims but yelled anti-gay slurs in the violent gay-bashing that took place on September 11, 2014.

From Philly.com:

Joan Bellinger, 67, the jury forewoman, said the jurors all believed Knott punched Hesse and yelled antigay slurs.

But she said jurors had to compromise on certain things.

Another juror, Aristeo Duenas, 33, of Brewerytown, said: “The conspiracy was what was tripping us up.”

He and juror Gina Cook, 36, of Roxborough, said jurors had to examine what the law said on the various charges Knott faced.

“If the decisions went the way that I wanted them to go, she would have been guilty on everything, but when you read the actual law,” and apply it to what happened, it can be different, said Duenas, a public-school teacher.

Tweets that Knott posted on her Twitter account in 2012 and 2013 became part of the trial, with prosecutors contending they showed Knott did not like gay people.

In one tweet, after Knott saw two men kissing in a bar, she wrote “#gay #ew.”

Knott testified in the trial. She said her tweets were not meant to be offensive and were taken out of context.

She also testified she did not punch anyone or yell any antigay slurs on the night of the assault.

Asked about her tweets, Duenas said: “We were pretty disgusted. It was pretty embarrassing to watch her testify. She was trying to explain away these tweets. … She would have become a better character to me if she would have been like, ‘You know what, I messed up. I said those things. It was stupid.’ “

Cook said: “I think it’s so easy for the word ‘gay’ to be thrown around, and it’s dehumanizing. For some people it’s just a way of explaining something lesser.

“It’s just horrific. To watch her explain this hate speech, in my eyes, it’s saddening, and I hope that whatever sentence she receives that she will have time to think about how hurtful words are and that, to me, it’s, in the law, it’s promoting and it’s inciting.”

Knott heads back to court on Feb. 8 for sentencing.

Her co-conspirators – Kevin Harrigan and Philip Williams – plead guilty earlier this year and received probation and community service.

Kathryn Knott Found Guilty Of Assault In Violent Gay-Bashing

Kathryn Knott has been found guilty of assault in the violent gay-bashing that occurred last year in Philadelphia which left two men bloody, one of whom had his broken jaw wired shut for months.

The jury found Knott guilty of simple assault, two counts of reckless endangerment, and conspiracy. She had been offered a plea deal but chose to go to trial.

From Philly.com:

A Philadelphia jury Friday found Kathryn Knott guilty of simple assault and conspiracy but acquitted her of a more serious count of aggravated assault an attack on a gay couple in Center City last year.

Knott, 25, bit her lips when the jury forewoman announced the guilty verdicts.

The panel convicted her of simple assault against one victim and conspiracy.

Kathryn Knott, 25, of Southampton, Bucks County, was accused of punching one of the gay men and yelling anti-gay slurs. The defense contended she did not hit anyone or yell anything derogatory.

The jury took less than three days to deliberate.

Her two co-conspirators plead guilty months ago.

Reporter Dan McQuade has been following the case closely.

Jurors Have More Questions In Philly Gay Bashing Case

As the second day of deliberations began in the gay bashing case against accused homophobe Kathryn Knott, jurors had more requests and questions.

From Philly Voice:

The jury requested police statements given by Knott and Elizabeth Foley, a defense witnesses who was among Knott’s group of 15 people on the night of the incident.

However, Knott never gave a statement to police. Her attorney, Loius Busico, requested the jury not be told that information to “avoid the obvious inference of guilt.”

Common Pleas Judge Roxanne Covington agreed, saying the jury would be provided with an innocuous reason for not being provided with a statement from Knott, unless the jury pressed.

The Court of Common Pleas jury – comprised of eight women and four men – spent a full day deliberating Wednesday after receiving instructions from Covington. Despite reviewing videos shown throughout the trial and requesting police statements of the alleged victims and four witnesses, it did not reach a verdict.

It seems a bit odd to not tell the jury the truth about Knott giving police a statement. They’re just going to make up “an innocuous reason?”

Knott is accused of taking part in a violent gay bashing last year that resulted in two men being hospitalized, one of whom had to have his broken jaw wired shut for months.

Knott’s two pals who were also charged in the assault pled guilty.