News Round-Up: September 17, 2019

Some news items you might have missed:

KIT212: Kenneth-in-the-212’s ‘Tennis Tuesday‘ serves up some serious booty workout tips from hunky Australian trainer, Coach Clayton (above). Definitely worth the click here.

NewNowNext: The 5th season of the acclaimed sitcom Schitt’s Creek will debut on Netflix on October 10, with the sixth and final installment to drop in January. The series, heralded for its positive portrayal of LGBTQ life, is nominated for 3 Emmy Awards this weekend. It is the first Canadian sitcom to receive an Emmy nomination for Best Comedy Series.

Variety: After snagging another Emmy Award this past weekend (for her guest appearance on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) Jane Lynch told reporters she and Cyndi Lauper are set to co-star in a new Netflix series that will be “a Golden Girls for today.”

The Sun: Nicole Scherzinger has accepted a reported ‘multi-million pound’ offer to rejoin her former Pussycat Dolls band mates for a 10th anniversary reunion/world tour.

Merriam-Webster: The venerable dictionary has announced a new definition for the word ‘they’ in referencing the gender identity of nonbinary people.

PBS: Longtime ABC News political reporter Cokie Roberts passed away at the age of 75 from complications due to breast cancer. She was NPR’s congressional correspondent for more than a decade beginning in 1978, and co-anchored ABC’s “This Week” from 1996 to 2002.

•  Roll Call: 13 House Republicans have announced they will not be running for reelection in 2020.

TVLine: Shortly after comedian Shane Gillis was announced to join the cast of Saturday Night Live this season, footage of racist and homophobic ‘jokes’ by Gillis surfaced and SNL reversed their casting decision. Gillis initially issued one of those ‘I apologize if anyone was actually offended’ statements, but then followed up with a bitter little tweet saying he was “always a MADtv kind of guy” anyway.

p.s. MADtv got cancelled, too, so…maybe he is that kind of guy.

Jane Lynch – “It Got Better”

You might know her best for her role on Glee, but Jane Lynch wasn’t always about song and dance.

Jane shares what it was like growing up with an “affliction”, and how New York’s piano-bar scene changed her life.

Says Jane, “I found my people.”

Dan Savage and Lisa Kudrow serve as executive producers on this project.

Jane Lynch admits to major 70s crush on pop legend Olivia Newton-John

Jane Lynch chatted with Conan O’Brien about a number of things last night on the Coco show. They spent a good amount of time talking about each other’s easy-to-manage haircuts:

Conan: I think your hair is fantastic.

Jane: Thank you, I feel the same way. I think you have, like, the best hair in Hollywood, so coming from you…

Conan: Yes, I do, yes. Yes I do.

Don’t you love how deep and important the chat can get on talk shows these days?

Then moved onto more pressing
matters—namely, how Olivia Newton John turned young Jane gay.

up in the ’70s, she was it for me,” Lynch explained. “’I Honestly Love
You.’ I would weep to that song on the radio. And, I just loved her… I
named my dog after her. My dog’s name is Olivia. I had a big lesbo crush
on her, and I named my dog after her.”

I’ve heard this before as Olivia has guested on GLEE performing WITH Lynch, and it was at that time she shared her dog’s tribute name.

Talk then turned to Newton John’s Grease co-star, heterosexual
actor John Travolta. “I loved John Travolta so much that I drew
pictures of him,” Lynch said. “I knew every plane of his face. I knew
the dimple of his chin… the light eyes with the dark lashes. I loved
him, I loved him, but I think what it is is that I wanted to be him. I
didn’t want to make out with him.”

(via Queerty)

2013 Emmy Awards opening “Monologue”

In one of the few fun things about last night’s Emmy Awards, Neil Patrick Harris tried to open the Emmys, but was interrupted by past hosts of the show, including Jimmy Kimmel, Jane Lynch, Jimmy Fallon, Conan O’Brien, and finally Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

“Said Lynch: I want to tell you why I wasn’t asked back. I wasn’t asked back because I am a woman.”

Replied Harris: “Oh, c’mon Jane. I don’t think anyone who watched that night thought of you as a woman.”

Lynch: “I’m gonna show you just how much of a woman I am Harris.”

Harris: “I wouldn’t like it, Lynch.”

Lynch: “I would like it less, Harris.”


Jane Lynch talks divorce with Larry King

Jane Lynch, who filed official divorce papers on Friday to end her marriage to Lara Embry, sat down with Larry King on the second season premiere of his show Larry King Now on digital on-demand.

Lynch told King that the split was amicable: “We have to remain adults, which we have… We keep everybody — especially Haden’s — good in our mind.”

GLEE’s Jane Lynch to divorce

According to People Magazine, Jane Lynch is divorcing her wife Lara Embry: People magazine reports:

and I have decided to end our marriage. This has been a difficult
decision for us as we care very deeply about one another. We ask for
privacy as we deal with this family matter,” Lynch says in a statement.

52, and Embry, 44, met at a 2009 fundraiser in San Francisco at which
Embry was being honored. Shortly after confirming their engagement, the women married on Memorial Day in 2010 in an intimate ceremony in Sunderland, Mass., one of the few states where gay marriage is recognized.