UPDATED: Ian Parks From “Where The Bears Are”

UPDATE – Since this podcast aired, the cast of Where The Bears Are not only completed their Kickstarter campaign but exceeded the goal by over $30,000!

Just goes to show how popular this fun web-series remains.

Listen to my chat with WTBA star Ian Parks below.


Since 2012, the creative team of Rick Copp, Joe Dietl and Ben Zook has made “Where the Bears Are” the comedy/mystery web series online accumulating over 40 million views since it’s premiere and winning awards like “BEST GAY WEB SERIES” award from AfterElton.com and Queerty.

“Where The Bears Are” follows the exploits of 4 bear roommates sharing a house in the hills of Silverlake. It is often described as “The Golden Girls” meets “Murder She Wrote” with big, hairy, gay men.

The show has a worldwide fan base and the creators/stars have been flown to Europe, Australia, and Mexico due to the show’s immense popularity!

Today I’m chatting with the oh-so-handsome Ian Parks who plays “Hot Toddy” on the series.

Ian is here to give us an update to what to expect in the upcoming season 7 as well as share why the crowdfunding campaign is so important to the series.

Hit the play button below to listen.

Ian Parks

Podcast: Where The Bears Are, SCOTUS U-Turns On Trans Rights, LOGO’s “Fire Island”

In this episode of The Randy Report podcast:

• Hunky Ian Parks of Where The Bears Are chats on the upcoming 6th season of the popular web series.

Where the Bears Are is a comedy/mystery web series that has accumulated over 23 MILLION VIEWS over five seasons and won the “BEST GAY WEB SERIES” award from several LGBT media outlets.

The show – described as a cross between The Golden Girls and Murder She Wrote – features four Bears living in the hills of Silverlake forever finding themselves in the middle of a murder mystery. There’s constant tongue in cheek humor and big, hairy men thrown in for eye candy.

The show has a world-wide fan base and the creators/stars have been flown to Europe, Australia, and Mexico.

The Bears promise Season 6 to be one of their most ambitious yet featuring a spy plot line, a murder AND the return of one of their most notorious villains!

Hit the play button below to listen to Ian talk on the new season – click here for more info about Where The Bears Are.


• A new reality show from LOGO, “Fire Island,” focuses on beach life on Fire Island.

• The Supreme Court u-turns on hearing an important case regarding transgender rights.

• South Dakota earns the dubious distinction of passing the first anti-LGBT law in this legislative session.

Help “Where The Bears Are” Get To Season Four


One of my favorite web series – Where The Bears Are – is approaching the final week of their crowd-sourcing campaign to help fund the upcoming 4th season of the award-winning series. So, I wanted to give a quick shout-out to my favorite fun and furry Bears.

I’ve been watching the series since the very first episode of Season 1. Described as “The Golden Girls” meets “Murder, She Wrote” but with big, hairy, gay men, the guys at WTBA take the comedy and furry fun furr-ther and furr-ther with each new season.

Here’s a synopsis of what the Bears have in store for Season 4:

Season 4 will thrust Reggie, Wood, Nelson and Todd into yet another thrilling murder mystery surrounding the upcoming nuptials of everyone’s favorite bear couple, Nelson and Todd!

At the same time, Reggie’s true crime TV show becomes a hit on the Inquisitive Channel and sparks begin to fly because of his new co-stars Det. Chad Winters and Captain Coley.

Meanwhile, Wood decides to start his own swimwear line called “Sporting Wood” with sidekick George Ridgemont which provides them the opportunity to audition, dress and photograph hot bear models for a living!

All while Nelson and Todd plan for the wedding of the century which is most sure to go awry! Season 4 will feature the usual parade of hot, sexy, hairy men that fans adore, the hilarious comedy everyone expects from the show, and a nail-biting climax that the show if famous for!

As I mention on The Randy Report often, I love web series. The short episodes (short attention span here), the creative spirit, and the ability to watch whenever you want makes it all fun.

And when you fund a project – and I have many times – you feel a part of the whole community of the show.

So – enough chit-chat. Take a look at the Bears’ Kickstarter video below and, if you feel it, contribute something to Season 4 of Where The Bears Are.

Kickstarter Campaign: “Where The Bears Are” Season 4

Season 4 of the award-winning gay comedy mystery web series “Where The Bears Are” promises more laughs, intrigue, sex, and peril than ever before! And… a wedding!!!

“Where the Bears Are” is a smash hit, with over 11 Million views worldwide and tons of positive press, acclaim, and social media buzz. The series has won awards for the “Best Gay Web Series” from multiple outlets like Queerty and afterelton.

I personally love web series – and more specifically, this web series. The show is fun; the guys are fun; the show requires minimal attention (short attention span here); you watch on your own schedule; and you’re helping support the next generation of film and TV talent.

Watch the pitch below and then head over to the Where The Bears Are Kickstarter page to donate, if you’re feeling it. Any amount makes a difference – $5, $10, whatever…

The “Bears” need your help. As the fandom and accolades for the
series have grown, so has the ever-rising level of professional quality video and

Plus, as a backer you get insider videos and updates as to the progress of the next season.

I love the show, I love the grassroots aspect. Take a look – I promise you’ll like 🙂

“Where the Bears Are” – Season 3 Episode 1

Premiere of Season 3 of the hit web-series “Where The Bears Are.”

From the clip description:

In the third season opener, Wood is hired to shoot a reunion calendar for Chunk Studios where he worked as a porn star in the nineties and is reunited with an old flame.

Meanwhile, Todd is approached by a lecherous talent scout and a young male model with a taste for older daddies sets his sights on Nelson.

Where The Bears Are – Season 3 Trailer

Randy Report readers have enjoyed watching the past two seasons of Where The Bears Are – and here comes season 3!  I’ll be posting each episode as they become available.  Much silly fun from these creative guys in Silverlake.

From the YouTube description:

WHERE THE BEARS ARE is a web series following the exploits of 3 bear roommates sharing a house in the hills of Silverlake.

It is “The Golden Girls” meets “Murder She Wrote” with big, hairy, gay men.

Season 3 premieres August 11th, 2014, and consists of 22 episodes.

Ian Parks (“Where The Bears Are”) has a ravey Thanksgiving

My friend Ian Parks, the hunky “Hot Toddy” of the popular web series “Where the Bear Are” is a pretty funny follow on Facebook. If you don’t follow him, hit this link and do so. He comes up with some pretty funny stuff to post.

This was from him FB page today: “Ian’s Ravey Thanksgiving 2013”

Ian sees pretty lights…

…he reaches for the blue glowing orb…

…suddenly, the space/time continuum collapses into a singularity and merges with his hand! Holy fuck!

Ian contemplates his new god-like powers.

Where The Bears Are – Season 2 Episode 1

Where The Bears Are – Season 2: Episode 1 PARTY BEARS from Where the Bears Are on Vimeo.

They’re baaaack!

In the second season opener, the Bears attend a political fundraiser pool party for Reggie’s friend from college who is running for City Council where Nelson has a run in with Todd’s ex Ivan (Howard Skora), Wood hits it off with a hot party guest (George Unda), and Reggie clashes with a bitchy campaign aide (Ray Singh).

Cast – Nelson: Ben Zook. Reggie: Rick Copp. Wood: Joe Dietl. Todd: Ian Parks. Jeremy Richards: Mark Rowe. Elliot Butler: Michael Gans. TV Reporter: Karamo Brown.

WHERE THE BEARS ARE is a web series following the exploits of 3 bear roommates sharing a house in the hills of Silverlake. It is “The Golden Girls” meets “Murder She Wrote” with big, hairy, gay men. Season 2 premieres June 10th, 2013.
Watch the series at wherethebearsare.tv