Glenn Beck Calls Donald Trump The Next Hitler

“You should be freaking out. Look, we have nothing against Donald Trump as a man. We don’t. It’s just this is a very dangerous combination and I have been warning against it since Fox. I said keep your eyes open because it will come. The pendulum will swing the other way and it will be bad. He’s talking about populism and nationalism.

“If you add socialism — populism, nationalism and socialism, you have the makings of Adolf Hitler. You don’t want somebody who is a nationalist, a populist and has any kind of socialist or nationalizing the banks kind of ideas. Not a good idea, not a good idea.”

– loose cannon Glenn Beck, speaking on his radio show

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Glenn Beck Calls Measles Outbreak A Hoax

Pat Gray (L) and Glenn Beck (R)

As I understand it, there have been 646 reported cases of measles recently. Measles is quite the deadly disease when left untreated.

You’ll remember the GOP was all up in arms last fall when we had 4 people diagnosed and 1 death from Ebola.

It was ALLLL Obama’s fault! Why wasn’t he doing anything???


And yet, here we have a preventable situation affecting hundreds of children, and fringe lunatics are calling the measles outbreak a “hoax” and “false flag” territory.

From Right Wing Watch:

Beck and co-host Pat Gray then went on to assert that even though immigrants from the Philippines are responsible for the measles outbreak, the media won’t report that because their intention is “to make the case that you’ve got to obey the government” and get vaccinated.

“Do everything you can just to obey the government.”

Glenn Beck: “Hillary Clinton will be having sex with a woman on the White House Desk”

Glenn Beck says that Hillary Clinton will announce she is a lesbian if she thinks it will help her get elected.

Says Beck: “I’m telling you, I’m telling you, Hillary Clinton will be having sex with a woman on the, on the White House desk if it becomes popular. She will be. She’ll be like, ‘Look, the arc of history wasn’t ready for a president to be a lesbian and have sex on the desk.’”

Glenn Beck is confused about a LOT of things

Glenn Beck, in one of his typical wide-ranging rants, is mad and confused about many things.

First, he gets confused saying Mozilla CEO Branden Eich was forced to step down by major LGBT advocacy groups. The fact is no major LGBT group publicly called for a boycott of Mozilla or made public statements asking for Eich’s resignation.

As JoeMyGod put it, “An
important thing to keep in mind about the resignation of Brendan Eich
is that none of the major LGBT rights groups had called for him to be
removed or for a boycott of Mozilla. This was pretty much entirely an
internet grassroots thing. The loudest voice in the boycott campaign was
OKCupid, whose parent company is headed by Barry Diller – a billionaire
heterosexual. GLAAD did issue a one sentence statement AFTER Eich
resigned. Funny how nobody is calling Barry Diller a member of the

Today, according to Firefox’s Twitter account, Eich was not “forced” out – he chose to step down.

Second, Beck goes into a strange diatribe asking what word is currently acceptable to call gays – Gay? Queer? Homosexual?  He then complains that the gays “keep changing the rules” as a means to “terrorizing” those who would oppose equal rights for all.

With the camera spinning around him and his wild questions, it’s quite the “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.”

I have to wonder who gets into these kinds of paranoid screeds?

Glenn Beck says US should have boycotted Sochi Olympics

In light of current events involving Russia and Ukraine, Glenn Beck says, a week after the Olympics have ended, that the US should have boycotted in order to give hope to oppressed people all over the world.

Of course, LGBT activists called for a boycott weeks before the Olympics in regard to anti-gay laws that had recently passed in Russia. That fell on Beck’s deaf ears.

Until today. But then, he’s not upset about LGBT victims in Russia.

Responding to a point by co-host Pat Gray that boycotting the Olympics would mostly just hurt American Olympic athletes, Beck was utterly unmoved.

“Yes, it would hurt our Olympics. Boo hoo,” he stated. “Cry me a river”:

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Glenn Beck: Religious Right lost the war against marriage equality

Right Wing Watch points to this discussion between Glenn Beck and Mark Driscoll who agree that anti-gay activists have “lost the war” and that the Religious Right is over as a movement, as Christians must now begin to reframe debate as a plea for tolerance.

Says Driscoll, “the Religious Right, the Moral Majority, everybody put those t-shirts away, nobody is wearing them.”

“Right,” Beck said. “That is over.”

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Glenn Beck defends Paula Deen while wearing a boy scout uniform

Glenn Beck defends the First Amendment by saying that the Food Network’s decision not to renew Paula Deen’s contract is un-American and McCarthyism.


To be honest, who cares what he’s saying…

1. He’s wearing a boy scout uniform, which is kind of creepy in terms of TV wardrobe.

2. He’s wandering around so much the camera man is running around to keep up with where he is. What’s that about.

3. I’m sure Paula Deen would prefer that a nut like Glenn Beck wasn’t going around siding with her.

4. Does anyone care what Glenn Beck thinks?

5. Did I mention the boy scout uniform?

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