Podcast: Supreme Court Justices Against Marriage Equality, Charlie Carver, Drag Out The Vote

In this episode of The Randy Report - France bans conversion therapy, Florida Republicans push "Don't Say Gay" bill, bad news for Ellen DeGeneres, Adam Rippon has good news, and the award-winning Western short film STEAM! premieres on Revry.

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In this week’s podcast:

• Two Supreme Court Justices made it clear they’d like to overturn marriage equality in the US

• A transgender woman was found shot to death in Puerto Rico making her the 6th trans person to die by violence in the territorty

• Charlie Carver, currently starring in Netflix’s The Boys in the Band says he came out as gay after a coworker slapped him for appearing gay in public

• Don’t miss the all-star benefit performance of The Great Work Begins: Scenes from Angels in America

• Drag Out the Vote has now unveiled a new voter initiative: Divas for Democracy: United We Slay, a digital variety show bringing together some of the biggest names in theater and drag

All that and more in this episode of The Randy Report

Charlie Carver Came Out After A Slap In The Face For Appearing ‘Gay’ In Public

Charlie Carver in ‘The Boys in the Band’ (image via Instagram)

Charlie Carver, one of the actors starring in the new Netflix screen adaptation of The Boys in the Band, shares in an interview with Variety that he decided to publicly come out five years ago after being on the receiving end of a literal slap to the face for not appearing masculine in public.

According to Carver, he was attending an Emmy Awards party in 2015 when a gay colleague criticized him three times throughout the evening for how he ‘presented’ himself.

“I was told that I needed to ‘get it under control’ around people in the business,” Carver shared with Variety.

At the end of soiree, Carver ran into his friend while waiting for his car at the valet. Asking his colleague for ‘clarification’ about the earlier comments, the man slapped Carver across the face.

“It wasn’t playful but intentional, pointed and meant to be instructive. A slap,” says the actor. “I told him that if he ever touched me again, I would name him.”

While the episode was certainly shocking for its physicality, Carver, who is 32-years-old today, says, “That was the moment when I said to myself, ‘I can’t do this. I cannot police myself in that way.’”

The actor, who was best known at the time for regular appearances on Desperate Housewives and Teen Wolf, came out a few months later in January 2016 via his Instagram account.


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Pt 1: “Be who you needed when you were younger”. About a year ago, I saw this photo while casually scrolling through my Instagram one morning. I’m not one for inspirational quotes, particularly ones attributed to “Mx Anonymous”- something mean in me rebukes the pithiness of proverbs, choosing to judge them as trite instead of possibly-generally-wise, resonant, or helpful. And in the case of the good ol’ Anonymous kind, I felt that there was something to be said for the missing context. Who wrote or said the damn words? Why? And to/for who in particular? Nonetheless, I screen-capped the picture and saved it. It struck me for some reason, finding itself likeable enough to join the ranks of the “favorites” album on my phone. I’d see it there almost daily, a small version of it next to my other “favorites”; I’d see it every time I checked into the gym, pulled up a picture of my insurance cards, my driver’s license…. Important Documents. And over the course of about-a-year, it became clear why the inspirational photo had called out to me. As a young boy, I knew I wanted to be an actor. I knew I wanted to be a lot of things! I thought I wanted to be a painter, a soccer player, a stegosaurus… But the acting thing stuck. It was around that age that I also knew, however abstractly, that I was different from some of the other boys in my grade. Over time, this abstract “knowing” grew and articulated itself through a painful gestation marked by feelings of despair and alienation, ending in a climax of saying three words out loud: “I am gay”. I said them to myself at first, to see how they felt. They rang true, and I hated myself for them. I was twelve. It would take me a few years before I could repeat them to anyone else, in the meantime turning the phrase over and over in my mouth until I felt comfortable and sure enough to let the words pour out again, this time to my family…

A post shared by Charlie Carver (@charliecarver) on

Two years later, Carver made his Broadway debut in the Tony Award-winning revival of Mort Crowley’s iconic play about gay men at a birthday party in Greenwich Village, The Boys in the Band. All of the actors in the highly-acclaimed production were openly gay/bisexual.

The entire cast was reunited, along with the production’s director Joe Mantello, by producer Ryan Murphy for the newly-released TV version of the play.

Carver stars in Boys as the hunky “Cowboy,” a hustler hired as a gift for “Harold,” the birthday boy in the story played by Zachary Quinto.

Carver is also currently appearing as a series regular in Murphy’s new psychological thriller for Netflix, Ratched, in which the handsome actor plays “Huck Finnagan,” a disfigured hospital orderly. And he’s set to appear in the upcoming The Batman alongside Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz.

Carver recently told The Advocate he’s “felt this sort of sense of relaxing” into himself since coming out.

“To have kind of other champions in this business who gave me a chance, Ryan Murphy being one of them, they saw something in me and they let me be a part of it,” Carver shared. “Then opportunities led to other opportunities … I started kind of stepping into myself, and I believe when you do that, doors open.”

You can catch Carver (and all the ‘boys’) in The Boys in the Band, currently streaming on Netflix.

Ben Platt Drops First Tracks From Debut Album ‘Sing To Me Instead’

Tony Award winner Ben Platt (Dear Evan Hansen) drops the first two tracks from his upcoming debut album, Sing To Me Instead.
Tony Award winner Ben Platt

Tony Award winner Ben Platt (Dear Evan Hansen) drops the first two tracks from his upcoming debut album, Sing To Me Instead.

Platt recently told the Los Angeles Times that the album will be structured with a loose narrative based on his own past relationships.

The first, “Bad Habit,”gives Platt fans exactly what they want: a sensitive and raw reading on missing an ex that builds to pop power ballad levels complete with long-held, over-the-bar notes.

“‘Bad Habit’ is like a prologue, somebody singing retrospectively about a relationship they’ve gotten out of and realizing that they have somewhat of an addiction to this person,” he told the LA Times. “And regardless of understanding they may not be the best or healthiest person for them, there’s just still this hole inside that’s hard to ignore.”

Out actor Charlie Carver (The Boys in the Band, Teen Wolf) has a cameo at the end of the music video   which seems to make this a story of gay love gone bad.

Did Ben Platt just come out?

The second, “Ease My Mind,” is a thoughtful, piano-driven, R&B-style ballad that leads to a rich, gospel-inspired release.

Platt says the track, “harkens to the beginning of that relationship to consider the reasons why it got started in the first place.”

Platt will next lead an all-star cast in the much-anticipated new Netflix series, The Politician, set to premiere laster this year. Platt’s co-stars include Jessica Lange, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Zoey Deutch.

He will also star in the upcoming films Run This Town – premiering at this year’s SXSW Film Festival – and Broken Diamonds.

Check out the new tracks below. Sing To Me Instead will be released March 29.

All-Star “The Boys In The Band” Revival Opens Tonight On Broadway

(all images courtesy of The Boys in the Band Broadway revival)

I recently wrote about Matt Bomer’s nearly naked mishap during the previews of the Broadway revival of The Boys In The Band, the iconic homocentric play by Mart Crowley.

To recap, Bomer forgot to check his props before a preview performance and after showering onstage realized he had no towel to cover himself with. But being the pro that he is, Bomer soldiered on through the scene wearing just his wet, tight white briefs.

Tonight, the 50th anniversary production premieres on The Great White Way. And the production has released several promo pics – including one of Bomer in those very tight, white briefs.

The Boys in the Band is rightfully considered a landmark as the first mainstream play to explore gay men’s lives onstage, without filter or judgement. Premiering off-Broadway in 1968 in New York City, this was all before the Stonewall riots which launched the gay rights movement.

The comic drama became an instant sell-out and ran for over 1,000 performances.

The movie adaptation, released in 1970 featuring the original stage cast, continues to be a milestone in queer cinema.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

First produced in 1968, Crowley’s biting comedy drama is a groundbreaking work among pre-Stonewall depictions of LGBTQ characters, chronicling the fun and frictions that emerge when a group of gay male friends gather for a boozy birthday party in New York City. The play is loved and loathed to an equal extent, with some calling it a perpetuation of negative bitchy stereotypes and others hailing it as a breakthrough in its intimate exploration of the attitudes and behavior of gay men at a time when cultural representation was minimal.

With direction by Tony Award-winner Joe Mantello (Wicked, Assassins), the new production features an all-gay, star-studded cast led by Jim Parsons, Matt Bomer, Zachary Quinto and Andrew Rannells.

Also starring in the play are Charlie Carver, Michael Benjamin Washington, Brian Hutchison, Robin de Jesus, and Tuc Watkins.

The limited 15-week run of the production is being produced by Wicked’s David Stone and out TV producer Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story, GLEE)

Check out the newly-released pics below. Click here for the official website.

Matt Bomer, in his underwear on the left, stars in The Boys in the Band with Jim Parsons (right)
Matt Bomer (L), Jim Parsons (R)
Foreground – Zachary Quinto (L), Charlie Carver (R)

Zachary Quinto (background)

Tuc Watkins, (L) Michael Benjamin Washington (center) Matt Bomer (R)

News Round-Up: December 16, 2017

(via Instagram)

Some news items you might have missed:

• I’ve been fascinated by this pic of fitness model Quin Bruce (above). I find his expression captivating.

• A Tennessee county commission is planning a symbolic resolution condemning same-sex marriage after the U.S. Supreme Court made marriage equality the law of the land. #Whatever #WhyHate?

• All credit to Boy Culture for revealing not only did Democrat Doug Jones win the special Alabama Senate election this week, but Jones has a hottie gay son.

• A new poll shows a clear majority of Americans believe Donald Trump is guilty of sexual misconduct.

• Out actor and Teen Wolf star Charlie Carver has joined the cast of the upcoming all-star Broadway production of the groundbreaking gay play, The Boys in the Band, as “Cowboy.” The production is slated to run April 30-August 12 at the Booth Theatre on Broadway.

• The rumor around Washington DC is Donald Trump may fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller before Christmas. If that happens, watch hell break loose.

• I was just down in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, celebrating my hubby’s birthday and ran into underwear designer Andrew Christian. So in his honor, let’s celebrate a bit of the holiday season with his hottie models. Watch below.

News Round-Up: September 27, 2017

Some news items you might have missed:

• After a week in NYC I gained 4 pounds eating at my favorite restaurants, and now here’s fitness trainer Ramses Principe (above) being so good with his prepped lunch and all. #GymInspiration

• Fox has announced a new, live musical production of RENT, the ground-breaking rock adaptation of La Boheme that unflinchingly takes on HIV/AIDS, gay and lesbian relationships, trans identity, and substance abuse. Announced air date is January 27, 2019.

• Openly gay Teen Wolf star Charlie Carver posted a naked in nature pic and folks were seriously having it.

• Twitter is considering expanding the 140 character limit on tweets to 280. Selected twitter accounts are getting to try it out. It’s making some folks feel very empowered 🙂

• New York filmmaker/actor Brock Yurich shares details about his next project, Test. The film follows a young amateur bodybuilder in the Appalachians struggling with his sexuality. Those tensions are pushed further when his coach puts him on a heavy regimen of steroids and a path of exploitation to pay for his competition costs.

• A new Reuters/Ipsos poll shows 57% of Americans disagree with Donald Trump and do not think NFL players who kneel during the National Anthem should be fired.

• This 16 year-old got a big round of applause when he came out on live TV as bisexual.

Out Actors Colton Haynes & Charlie Carver Return To MTV’s TEEN WOLF

Colton Haynes (L) and Charlie Carver (R) in Teen Wolf

On the September 10th episode of MTV’s Teen Wolf, out actors Colton Haynes and Charlie Carver return to the hit series in spectacular fashion.

The clip opens with Charlie Carver’s “Ethan” making phone calls to an unidentified boyfriend. A boyfriend who has apparently forgotten the couple’s anniversary.

Next thing you know two bad guys enter the apartment with a captive with a hood over his head.

After wounding “Ethan” with a shot of wolfsbane, he casually comments that the hooded captive is part “kanima” (which Colton’s character used to be). Haynes’ “Jackson” is unleashed and a fight ensues as Ethan bemoans the loss of antiques and framed photos.

You may recall that during Colton’s two seasons on the series, his character Jackson carried around a whole lotta emotional weight and angst, and I’m guessing his being in the closet was the reason why.

Teen Wolf showrunner Jeff Davis told EW  that Jackson’s newly revealed sexuality is something that came to him years ago. “I thought, if Jackson comes back, he’s coming back in a relationship with a guy,” Davis says. “Whether that means he’s bisexual or gay, that’s how he’s returning. I just felt like he went off to London and found himself.”

Charlie Carver adds, “We’re an odd couple. His character’s always been kind of an arrogant prick, so I’m the one who tones him down.”

“They complement each other perfectly,” Colton says. “They have a really beautiful relationship.”

I have to say, even in just this short clip, you can see the two actors have terrific chemistry.

Teen Wolf can be seen Sundays at 8/7c on MTV.