Social Media Is Loving Fun Photoshoot Of Two Straight Besties

(photo: Honeybee’s Photography)

How much do I love this photoshoot?  I’m pretty sure this is the exact opposite of ‘toxic masculinity.’

Photographer Kait Lewis, who lives in Virginia, recently posted this collection of photos to Facebook featuring her fiancé, Devon (bearded), and his bestie since 8th grade, Trevor.

Lewis recently launched her own family photography studio, Honeybee’s Photography, and when Trevor (who lives hours away) came to visit, she suggested the fun, lighthearted photo shoot.

Both men are straight and have no issues in expressing their friendship.

And did I mention they’re both totally woofy?

(photo: Honeybee’s Photography)
(photo: Honeybee’s Photography)

“How hilarious is this session?” wrote Lewis on Facebook. “My fiancé’s bestie came to town so I jumped at the opportunity to capture their *unique* friendship!”

She prefaced the post with a ‘Viewer Discretion Advised’ tag which apparently confused a few folks.

“I LOVE these photos!” wrote one gay man in the comments. “It’s important to show two men can have a friendship like this and it be completely okay. Disappointed in the ‘viewer discretion advised.’ I saw that you said you’re a family-friendly business, but if this were a male-female couple, or two female friends the advisory wouldn’t be there. As a gay man, I’m disappointed because it only perpetuates male physical contact as inappropriate which encourages fragile masculinity and homophobia.”

Lewis later added that it was the inclusion of alcohol and the suggestive poses, not the men’s genders, that prompted the advisory tag.

“The viewer discretion was added because I am a family friendly photographer and the sexual posing and alcohol needed to be warned to AVOID offending people,” said Lewis. “It has nothing to do with the genders. Everybody’s interpretation on what is sexual and what is not is very different.”

“I stand by the advisory and will not be removing it,” she added. “I wasn’t anticipating this post to reach 6,000,000+ people in a matter of 2 days. Unfortunately, with a lot of views, comes a lot of opinions and you can’t please everybody.”

“If you are offended by ANY of this (the photos or the caption), feel free to keep scrolling.”

(photo: Honeybee’s Photography)
(photo: Honeybee’s Photography)

The photos picture Devon and Trevor walking hand in hand wearing daisy duke shorts, hugging it out, pouring beer in each other’s mouths, and even recreating a famous moment from the film Titanic.

Lewis playfully suggested in her post that Busch Beer should sponsor her.

(photo: Honeybee’s Photography)
(photo: Honeybee’s Photography)

And while some photographers may have issues with shooting same-sex couples, Lewis said she would “absolutely” welcome the opportunity to photograph LGBTQ couples and weddings.

“People who refuse clients for any reason regarding who they love is beyond me,” Lewis recently told Queerty. “It’s baffling, disgusting, and downright ridiculous. The sex of the people getting married makes no difference to me.”

Since sharing the photos on September 7, the post has been shared over 42K times and received 24K comments.

The vast majority of Facebookers applauded the fun and spirit of the shoot.

“Thank you for sharing the story of their friendship and your love together! I love it!” wrote one woman.

Another commented, “The photography is beautiful, the friendship is next level, and these guys are hilarious & adorable! It’s obvious they’re having a great time!”

(photo: Honeybee’s Photography)

More responses:

“Men comfortable enough in their sexuality to appreciate a bromance. It’s truly heartwarming. These guys are amazing.”

“These are fantastic.. a true friendship… bromance at its best. Good for them.”

Thank you for breaking down the barriers! I love when men are open enough to love their friends and show it.”

“If you have never been around men in the military then you might not understand the closeness that some men are able to share due to either a long relationship or a relationship forged in tough circumstances. I feel sorry for people that will never be this close to each other.”

Lewis and Devon plan to tie the knot on April 10, 2021. Congratulations to the happy couple.

You can view all the photos from the shoot on Honeybee’s Photograph Facebook page here and check out the official website here.

(photo: Honeybee’s Photography)

Trump Prepares To Meet Russian President Putin For The First (?) Time

As America celebrates the 4th of July, President Trump is preparing to sit down with his good buddy, Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit.

Or is it “complete stranger” President Putin? It all gets so confusing keeping the lies straight.

Best Ever Gay/Straight Prom Date

Anthony Martinez (L) and Jacob Lescenski (R)

Last week I reported on the prom date heard round the world here in Las Vegas – straight Jacob asked his bestie Anthony (who’s gay) to the prom, and the interwebs exploded.

They’ve gotten love from all over the globe as they live their example of the ultimate gay/straight alliance.

Ellen hosted tbem and gave each $10,000 scholarships.

And now Teen Vogue followed the two best friends on prom night to share what a great friendship this is.


Ellen Hosts Gay/Straight Prom Dudes

Jacob Lescenski (L) and Anthony Martinez (R)

Last week I wrote about Jacob Lescenski, a straight Las Vegas high-schooler, who won the internet by asking his gay best friend, Anthony Martinez to prom.

Anthony, a student council member who works tirelessly for their school, had earlier complained to his bestie that he couldn’t get a date to the big dance.

So, yesterday, Jacob and Anthony were guests on The Ellen Show, to talk about the internet’s reaction to their BFF moment.

Best moment: when Anthony admits he had a bit of a crush on Jacob when they first met, Jacob says he didn’t really know what to do with a gay guy having a crush on him. Ellen quips, “I have a crush on you, and I’m gay, too.” LOL….

They are both adorbs and a great example of how kids can grow up without judging others.

Ellen and Shutterfly decided to reward these boys for showing the world what true friendship is, but giving them each $10,000 toward their college education.

Hey hey hey! See what being inclusive gets you in life?

Channing Tatum & BFF Nick Zano Engage In A Bit Of “Cock-Talk”

Nick Zano (L) and Channing Tatum (R)

Nick Zano (of NBC’s One Big Happy) asked his real life BFF Channing Tatum (Magic Mike, Foxcatcher) to interview him for  – appropriately – Interview Magazine.

At the start of the chat, Channing says they should go back to the plane they took to Afghanistan as part of a USO tour. So, the imaginary setting of the interview becomes the cockpit of a warplane where Tatum chats on Zano.

Both clearly get each other’s humor having been best buds for over a decade.

Check out just a few excerpts from the “cock-talk:”

Tatum: Abercrombie cologne or Curve?
Zano: Abercrombie?
Tatum: Really? Wow. I’m disappointed.

Tatum: Would you rather save the life of a starving child that you’ve never met, or have an actual, real-life working lightsaber that you could use?
Zano: Save a child! What is wrong with you?
Tatum: Yeah but think about it, how many starving children could you save with an actual lightsaber? That’s a poor decision

Tatum: If you could, today, grow a vagina, would you do it? Even if it’s just for a limited amount of time to know what it’s like to have one? You can give it back and have your own penis—not a reattached penis.
Zano: So everything comes back?
Tatum: Yeah, everything’s back to that same old Nicky from the beginning. Would you do it?
Zano: Sure. How do you not? Let’s do it at the same time.
Tatum: I would totally do that with you. I’d have matching vajays.
Zano: [laughs] All I’ve got is this visual of you and I standing next to each other, looking down.
Tatum: And comparing. “Wow, yours is bigger than mine!”

Tatum: At your funeral, because you’re probably going to die way before I am—
Zano: Why am I dying first?
Tatum: That’s just the way it’s going to happen. You’re way more cautious than I am, and cautious people die first. That’s how it happens.
Zano: Says who?
Tatum: Statistics.

Read the entire conversation over at Interview.