Channing Tatum & BFF Nick Zano Engage In A Bit Of “Cock-Talk”

Nick Zano (L) and Channing Tatum (R)

Nick Zano (of NBC’s One Big Happy) asked his real life BFF Channing Tatum (Magic Mike, Foxcatcher) to interview him for  – appropriately – Interview Magazine.

At the start of the chat, Channing says they should go back to the plane they took to Afghanistan as part of a USO tour. So, the imaginary setting of the interview becomes the cockpit of a warplane where Tatum chats on Zano.

Both clearly get each other’s humor having been best buds for over a decade.

Check out just a few excerpts from the “cock-talk:”

Tatum: Abercrombie cologne or Curve?
Zano: Abercrombie?
Tatum: Really? Wow. I’m disappointed.

Tatum: Would you rather save the life of a starving child that you’ve never met, or have an actual, real-life working lightsaber that you could use?
Zano: Save a child! What is wrong with you?
Tatum: Yeah but think about it, how many starving children could you save with an actual lightsaber? That’s a poor decision

Tatum: If you could, today, grow a vagina, would you do it? Even if it’s just for a limited amount of time to know what it’s like to have one? You can give it back and have your own penis—not a reattached penis.
Zano: So everything comes back?
Tatum: Yeah, everything’s back to that same old Nicky from the beginning. Would you do it?
Zano: Sure. How do you not? Let’s do it at the same time.
Tatum: I would totally do that with you. I’d have matching vajays.
Zano: [laughs] All I’ve got is this visual of you and I standing next to each other, looking down.
Tatum: And comparing. “Wow, yours is bigger than mine!”

Tatum: At your funeral, because you’re probably going to die way before I am—
Zano: Why am I dying first?
Tatum: That’s just the way it’s going to happen. You’re way more cautious than I am, and cautious people die first. That’s how it happens.
Zano: Says who?
Tatum: Statistics.

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