Ellen Hosts Gay/Straight Prom Dudes

Jacob Lescenski (L) and Anthony Martinez (R)

Last week I wrote about Jacob Lescenski, a straight Las Vegas high-schooler, who won the internet by asking his gay best friend, Anthony Martinez to prom.

Anthony, a student council member who works tirelessly for their school, had earlier complained to his bestie that he couldn’t get a date to the big dance.

So, yesterday, Jacob and Anthony were guests on The Ellen Show, to talk about the internet’s reaction to their BFF moment.

Best moment: when Anthony admits he had a bit of a crush on Jacob when they first met, Jacob says he didn’t really know what to do with a gay guy having a crush on him. Ellen quips, “I have a crush on you, and I’m gay, too.” LOL….

They are both adorbs and a great example of how kids can grow up without judging others.

Ellen and Shutterfly decided to reward these boys for showing the world what true friendship is, but giving them each $10,000 toward their college education.

Hey hey hey! See what being inclusive gets you in life?