Loony Benham Brothers Blame 9/11 & Hurricanes On The Gays

In a video acknowledging the anniversary of 9/11 as well as the destruction of Hurricane Irma, crazy AF anti-LGBT loons David and Jason Benham put the cause of the disasters squarely on, who else?

The gays.

From the video:

“As a nation, if you would have told us back then, in 2001, that in 2017 we would be completely redefining what gender means, what marriage means, what sexuality means … I would’ve said, ‘there’s no way that would happen in this country!’”


“The boundaries that God has put out for us morally are for our flourishing and for his best in our lives. When we say that gender, there is no boundaries. And when we say that sexuality, there is no boundaries. When we say that marriage can be whatever you want it to be, we are breaching the boundaries of God.”

There’s more along the way: Bible, bible, blah, blah, blah, water, wind, hate, hate, hate, gays…

Watch the crazy below:

Haters Buy Full-Page Ad In Washington Post To SCOTUS: We Won’t Honor Your Same-Sex Ruling

Click to enlarge the pic

A group of hate groups and “Christian” leaders, under the banner name “Defend Marriage” has purchased and published a full-page message to SCOTUS in the Washington Post.

At the bottom of the ad, you see a list of the usual suspects: Mat Staver, Elaine Donnelly, the Benham brothers, Alveda King, Jim Garlow, John Hagee and E.W. Jackson.

From the ad:

We affirm that any judicial opinion which purports to redefine marriage will constitute an unjust law, as Martin Luther King Jr. described such laws in his letter from the Birmingham Jail.

We are Christians who love America and who respect the legitimate rule of law.

However, we will not honor any decision by the Supreme Court which will force us to violate a clear biblical understanding of marriage as solely the union of one man and one woman.

We affirm that Marriage, as existing solely between one man and one woman, precedes civil government.

Though affirmed, fulfilled, and elevated by faith, the truth that marriage can exist only between one man and one woman is not based solely on religion but on the Natural Law, written on the human heart.

It’s worth noting that SCOTUS has already voted in private on the case. All we’re waiting for is for the opinions to be written and released.

(h/t JMG)

Op-Ed: David Benham For Charlotte Observer

David and Jason Benham

In advance of his hate rally tomorrow outside the chamber of the Charlotte City Council, David Benham pens this op-ed published by the Charlotte Observer.

“Do you enjoy the freedom to live according to your conscience without being forced to promote ideas or behaviors contrary to your convictions? Do you believe men should be prohibited from using women’s restrooms? Should a gay T-shirt maker be forced to create anti-gay marriage T-shirts? Should a Muslim baker be mandated to make a gay wedding cake? That’s exactly what this ordinance will do if passed. There are two obvious and disturbing common sense aspects to this provision. First, by allowing transgendered males to enter women’s restrooms our City is forcing all women, including mothers and daughters, to be put in uncomfortable situations in the privacy of bathrooms, locker and shower rooms.

“Second, it opens the door for male heterosexual predators to pose as women under the guise of being transgender. Remember, being transgendered is a psychological state of mind that anyone can claim, no matter what clothes they wear. From Los Angeles, Milwaukee and Olympia, Wash., there are real examples of heterosexual men dressing like women and entering women’s rooms with intent to commit crimes. Historically, civil rights have never been provided to protect behaviors or psychological states of mind.”

Speaking at the National Religious Broadcasters convention, David Benham also revealed he had found the “cure” to homosexuality:

“We had so many people from the gay community reaching out to us and one man in particular from the city of Chicago reached out — and he said things to me that made me lose my appetite,” said Said David Benham to a crowd at the National Religious Broadcasters convention recently. “But I simply responded in love.”

“After a little conversation back and forth, I found out he loved baseball … and I got him tickets to a Cubs game,” Benham continued. “He shot me a Facebook post and said, ‘I was not expecting that — and I’ve been thinking a lot about this. I’ve chosen to walk away from my lifestyle.’”

There. Like magic. Tickets to a Cubs game. Who’d have ever thought?

Benham Brothers: The homosexual agenda “is evil and wrong and needs to be dealt with”

The Benham Brothers, David and Jason, are again preaching against the LGBT community, as they prepare to headline an anti-gay, conservative Family Leadership Summit  this weekend.  The brothers are being billed on the same level as US Senators, Governors and other elected officials.

You may remember that the Brothers Benham saw their nascent HGTV show cancelled when their virulently anti-gay rhetoric came to light.

Now, they are back and still campaigning against the LGBT community. This week it was on the Tamara Scott Live radio show:

“It’s very important that we speak to the fact that homosexuality is a sin that can only be redeemed by God when we repent.

“But the idea of a homosexual agenda that seeks to capture the nation and capture children’s curriculum, capture television and entertainment, I mean you name it, and laws — that is an idea that is evil and wrong and needs to be dealt with.”

Let’s go to the audio tape:

(via Jeremy Hooper)

Fox News misinterprets First Amendment for fired anti-gay HGTV hosts

A Fox News host erroneously pointed to the First Amendment in reference to anti-gay brothers Jason and David Benham who found their upcoming HGTV show cancelled when news of their extreme anti-gay and Islamophobic activism came to light.

As posted on The Randy Report earlier, HGTV cancelled its upcoming TV show Flip It Forward following the news that the hosts, Jason and David Benham, had long histories of anti-gay, anti-choice, and anti-Muslim activism.

Initially, Fox News stated that the brothers were punished for their Christian views, but is now suggesting HGTV’s decision to cancel the show actually violated the Benhams’ First Amendment right to free speech.

From Equality Matters:

On July 10, Fox News host Steve Doocy interviewed Jason and David Benham while an on-screen graphic declared they had been “fired for faith.” Doocy argued, “You were fired for having an opinion. I mean, there’s this thing called the First Amendment where people are entitled to their opinion and their Christian beliefs as well.”

But the First Amendment does not protect individuals from being fired by private employers, as it does not limit the actions that private employers may take based on employees’ speech. The First Amendment Center explained:

The First Amendment does not limit private employers. The Bill of Rights — and the First Amendment — limit only government actors, not private actors. This means that private employers can restrict employee speech in the workplace without running afoul of the First Amendment.

HGTV did not violate the First Amendment rights of the Benhams by dropping their show. As Columbia Law’s Suzanne Goldberg pointed out in an interview with CNN, it was most likely a decision to protect the business’ brand following widespread outcry against the Benhams’ comments.

Even David Benham told CNN that he does not hold a grudge against the network, telling Erin Burnett, “It was too much for them to bear and they had to make a business decision.”

Benham brothers on SiriusXM: Our livelihood is being threatened by the gay agenda

David and Jason Benham spoke with Mike Rogers on The Ed Schultz Show about their experience in the media firestorm this week regarding their anti-gay statements which led to their HGTV show being cancelled.

David Benham, at one point, alludes to being silenced then doubles back on himself saying he isn’t being silent:

David Benham told Rogers, “when one of your beliefs forces you to be silent and gets pushed in a corner, then…”And Rogers shot back, “Who said you have to be silent?”

“Oh no, we’re not being silent,” Benham insisted, contradicting himself. “The thing is that it’s the agenda that demands our silence so that we can keep our profession. See, this threatens our livelihood at this point — and that’s what’s happening, America sees it.”

“I believe that as a result of my stance on biblical values in terms of sex outside of marriage, that I no longer can have a livelihood on the HGTV network,” Benham added. “That’s the silencing of it all.”

“It’s an agenda to beat back anyone that would disagree with its opinions or its statements,” Benham complained.

“Well that’s what we call the free market,” Rogers, who the Managing Director of The Raw Story, noted.

Later in the conversation, David Benham says that 87% of Americans identify as Christians and agree with the brothers positions. But when presented with recent poll numbers showing a majority of Americans believe gay marriage should be legal, David  says “I’m not going to get into statistics.”

So it seems he likes when his stats are quoted, but doesn’t want to discuss stats he’s not on board with.

Near the end of the interview, David restates he’s a family man, a Christian, and a businessman with biblical beliefs.  Rogers asks why David isn’t addressing other biblical abominations like tattoos, and the brother ignores the question.

The conversation continues along those lines. 

Take a listen to the lengthy interview below.


Benham brothers urged city of Charlotte to deny permit for gay pride event

Jeremy Hooper at Good As You has found something of a smoking gun that shoots down the Benham brothers claims that they “love homosexuals” and that they have never protested against them.

At a November 1, 2004 city council meeting in Charlotte, NC, the brothers urged council members to deny a permit to gay pride organizers. Not only deny the permit in question – but EVERY permit requested by the gay pride organizers.

From page 23 the city council meeting transcript:

David Benham, 6130 Ferncliff Road, said I would agree 100% that this type of activity is destructive, and a tragedy. If you will look in your packet you will see one of the shems, his name was Steve the Drag Queen. He described some of the acts he witnessed and feels the Council has had the wool pulled over their eyes because the permit says for celebration and fellowship for the lesbian, gay bisexual transgender community. I saw first hand what celebration and fellowship was all about. This is filth, this is vile and should not be allowed in our City. I have a one-year old, a three-year old and a five-year old and I want them to grow up in a city that will honor the folks that are in it.

Jason Benham, 761 Harris Street, Concord, said I have a 6-month old daughter and a 2 ½ year old little boy and when I stood out there in Marshall Park and heard the comedian say I am an out lesbian, I love 4-year old girls and I call them ” dykes on triks, they are hard to come by but, boy are they good.” I stood out there crying in my heart that only 40 or 50 of us Christian men went out there to try to give these homosexuals another answer. We were not there to bash them, we were there to tell them that Jesus loves you just the way you are, but he refuses to leave you that way. They have a right to apply for this permit, but you have a right and responsibility to deny it. I employ you not to be governed by the fear in which you feel. If you deny them this permit you will open a can of worms but you in your leadership position have to take that responsibility and you have to not allow the fear of making this homosexual community mad. You have to accept that responsibility and deny them every permit that they ask for.

Bolding is mine.

“This is filth, this is vile and should not be allowed in our City.”

They have a right to apply for this permit, but you have a right and responsibility to deny it.”

Remember folks – the Benham brothers told the world on CNN last night that they LOVE homosexuals.

Great work Jeremy Hooper on revealing who these guys really are.  On TV, they are all love and brotherhood.  And yet in public and at town meetings, they seem to show another side of themselves.

Benham Brothers: “HGTV was bullied into cancelling our show”

David and Jason Benham discuss the decision HGTV made to cancel their upcoming show in light of their comments.

Playing the victim card, the brothers make a point to say that HGTV was “bullied” into cancelling their show. 

I disagree. Once the brothers’ anti-gay statements came to light, the network had to make a business decision. HGTV is not a place for anti-anything. The truth came out and the marketplace responded.

I should point out that no LGBT organization issued any statement on
the Benham brothers before HGTV made the decision to cancel their show. 

The brothers weren’t cancelled because of their Christian beliefs; they were cancelled for their anti-gay activism.