Benham brothers on SiriusXM: Our livelihood is being threatened by the gay agenda

David and Jason Benham spoke with Mike Rogers on The Ed Schultz Show about their experience in the media firestorm this week regarding their anti-gay statements which led to their HGTV show being cancelled.

David Benham, at one point, alludes to being silenced then doubles back on himself saying he isn’t being silent:

David Benham told Rogers, “when one of your beliefs forces you to be silent and gets pushed in a corner, then…”And Rogers shot back, “Who said you have to be silent?”

“Oh no, we’re not being silent,” Benham insisted, contradicting himself. “The thing is that it’s the agenda that demands our silence so that we can keep our profession. See, this threatens our livelihood at this point — and that’s what’s happening, America sees it.”

“I believe that as a result of my stance on biblical values in terms of sex outside of marriage, that I no longer can have a livelihood on the HGTV network,” Benham added. “That’s the silencing of it all.”

“It’s an agenda to beat back anyone that would disagree with its opinions or its statements,” Benham complained.

“Well that’s what we call the free market,” Rogers, who the Managing Director of The Raw Story, noted.

Later in the conversation, David Benham says that 87% of Americans identify as Christians and agree with the brothers positions. But when presented with recent poll numbers showing a majority of Americans believe gay marriage should be legal, David  says “I’m not going to get into statistics.”

So it seems he likes when his stats are quoted, but doesn’t want to discuss stats he’s not on board with.

Near the end of the interview, David restates he’s a family man, a Christian, and a businessman with biblical beliefs.  Rogers asks why David isn’t addressing other biblical abominations like tattoos, and the brother ignores the question.

The conversation continues along those lines. 

Take a listen to the lengthy interview below.