News Round-Up: August 11, 2016

Some news stories you may have missed:

• First same-sex marriage proposal at the 2016 Rio Olympics – “She said ‘Yes!'”

• Pop powerhouse Adele is in talks to record an album of duets with none other than Barbra Streisand. Can you say “ka-ching?”

• Donald Trump, who claims he will be very good for “the gays” is set to headline a radical anti-LGBT event in Orlando. Other LGBT haters in attendance include Marco Rubio, Mat Staver and David Barton.

• A former aide to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says Christie “flat-out lied” about knowledge of Bridgegate.

• The president of the Philippines called the U.S. Ambassador, who is openly gay, “the son of a whore.” I’m not making this up, kids.

• 72% of Republicans doubt President Obama is an American. I shit you not.

• Sean Hannity believes the person with the biggest social media following will win the White House. And so, I give you President Kim Kardashian.

Adele To Donald Trump: Stop Using My Music At Your Rallies

If you’ve ever attended a political rally, you know it takes a long time to get things started. And no candidate wants to walk out to a “cold” audience. So, it’s common for campaigns to play songs they feel will not only represent their message but rev up the crowd.

Sometimes, though, music artists aren’t so happy to hear their music used by a political candidate.

You can list Adele among those folks.

The Trump campaign has been mixing in some Rolling In The Deep from Adele at campaign events based on the lyric “we could have had it all.”

Trump has also utilized the singer’s Skyfall, I’m guessing due to the lines “when it crumbles, we will stand tall, face it all together.”

But Adele fans aren’t happy and have voiced their opinions on social media:

Adele has now issued a statement saying she has never endorsed Trump’s use of her music.

A spokesman for Adele issued this: “Adele has not given permission for her music to be used for any political campaigning.”

Adele’s “25” Breaks (And Sells) A LOT Of Records

Not only did Adele’s smash-hit 25 become the #1 album in it’s first week of sales, the emotional song set sold more than TWICE the combined sales of the rest of the albums in the top 100 albums sold.

Adele racked up an astonishing 3.38 million units last week, much more than previous front-runner for 2015, Taylor Swift’s 1989 (1.75 million units this year).

To put that in perspective, only two albums outsold that in 2014 (and I mean all of 2014): Swift’s 1989 and the Frozen soundtrack.

According to Billboard, 8.2 million albums total were sold that week, meaning 4 in 10 albums purchased were Miss Adele’s.

And signally a strong trend of late, 22,000 vinyl albums of 25 were sold that week.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, and I can’t imagine that’s statistically possible at this point, head over to iTunes here.