Sunday Chill Time

Loved the quick trip on Atlantis Cruise with Olivia: awesome few days aboard the Harmony of the Seas, but those were some long travel days there and back.

Since we joined cruise after initial departure, we had to be first off in Ft Lauderdale for immigration reasons. That meant a 5:30am call to disembark.

That gave me an 8-hour layover in Fort Lauderdale. Thanks to my buddy Chad for the chat and nap space before getting on to my 8-hour fly time home to Las Vegas.

It was sweet that one of my fellow Atlantis cruisers approached me at the airport to say he’d seen me on the ship and thought I was handsome but was too shy to say so.

He found his courage at my gate and I was really touched. Nice guy who lives in London and just wanted to finally say ‘hi.’ That was a cool postscript to the adventure.

And meeting Randy Report reader Devon on the ship was a highlight as well 🙂

Enjoying some chill time in my favorite space in the world. Bruno the wonder dog keeps wandering over to see if I have any food (nope), but I’m happy to have his company.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. #morewine #dogsrule #exhale