Straight Guy Looks To Tinder To Find Super Bowl Housing

Straight Guy Looks To Tinder To Find Super Bowl Housing

I’m curious as to how Randy Report readers think this should go.

With the upcoming Super Bowl game happening in Minneapolis, housing options for incoming fans have astronomical rates.

So one guy – a straight guy – hit up a gay man in Minneapolis via dating app Tinder. Not for a date or sex, but to barter for a place to sleep.

“Dude, I need to be straight up with you. I’m not gay. I’m going to be in Minneapolis for the Super Bowl and I can’t afford to stay in a hotel.”

“So I’m searching for someone cool enough to let a friend and I crash on their couch. We’re willing to buy you alcohol. Cook you dinner. Shovel your driveway. Whatever is reasonable, we got you.”

“Obviously you want to know me a little better before you let a stranger in your house. My name is Eli, I like football, music, and sushi. I dislike spicy food, bad vibes, and people who leave their shopping carts in the middle of the parking lot.”

“Please help me out with this act of kindness. I promise to pay it forward.”

What would you do? Help the guy out? It sound like it’d be a kind of AirBNB situation.

Or is it not kosher for a straight guy to use a dating app for housing?


(h/t Queerty)