Something For Everyone At 2019 Mister Global Competition

(all images – David Ryo)

It’s Hump Day and you know what makes getting to the end of the week just a little easier?

Man Candy!

Launched in 2014, Mister Global is a male pageant that promotes environmental awareness.

The 2019 edition, recently held in Bangkok on September 26, chose ‘Inspiring Gentleman’ as its theme.

Kitti Kamjunsa, a spokesperson for the pageant, told BoredPanda the theme was chosen because “We believe that the contestants and titleholders should motivate and inspire people.”

This year’s pageant raised funds for an organization that takes care of elephants in Thailand, which was the host country for 2019.

Mister Global names its Top 16 contestants, and this year it was Korea’s Jong Woo Kim that came out on top. Tunisia’s Houssem Saïdi snatched the second place crown, and Spain’s Jose Luis Rodrigo came in third.

Check out the swimsuit competition below. I notice Mr. USA kinda has some attitude when he walks out. Later in the clip, you see the Top 16 do solo walks, and he’s not one of them, so…there you go.

One category that receives a lot of attention is the National Costume Show that allows contestants to showcase and celebrate clothing that represents their country.

Some of the costumes are extremely ornate and sophisticated designs that spotlight the country’s heritage, some utilize the colors and design of a country’s flag, and some (to be honest) are meant to go viral on social media.

Each of the 38 contestants was captured by photographer David Ryo, and there’s definitely something for everyone.

Some of the costumes were stunning, some were a little…surprising?

We’re looking at you, Mr. Sweden and Mr. USA.

Here’s just ten that caught my eye in no particular order.

You can see them all on the Mister Global Facebook page here. Plus, there’s the shirtless pics for all the men on the official Instagram page.

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