Channing Tatum’s Naked Selfie “I’m Flexing So Hard I Got A Cramp”

Channing Tatum on the red carpet
Channing Tatum's naked selfie
Magic Mike star Channing Tatum (photo: Depositphotos)

Channing Tatum’s naked selfie posted in his Instagram stories totally wins Hump Day.

Tatum snapped the totally Hump Day-worthy pic before heading out to the set of his upcoming film, The Lost City of D, co-starring Sandra Bullock and Daniel Radcliffe.

No, we don’t know what the ‘D’ stands for…yet.

The selfie was accompanied with the message, “You know when you in the make-up trailer as*hole naked holding a towel over your junk you about to do some shit on set that you gonna have to prepare ya mama for before she see the movie.”

In a side note, the actor added, “And yes I’m flexing so hard I got a cramp.”

Channing Tatum's naked selfie
Channing Tatum (image via Instagram)

In a May 6 appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Tatum admitted the pandemic had led his famously-fit physique astray a bit as he gained what he described as his “college ten.”

“For the first week or two weeks,” he said, “I definitely was just drinking beers and riding dirt bikes and I was like, ‘I can’t do this for two months – this is bad.’”

But then he shook it off and got back to daily training with a buddy sharing, “It was great – I came out a completely new person.”

Not only did Tatum come roaring back physically, but creatively as well.

The 41-year-old recently hit #1 on the New York Times Best Sellers list for the children’s book he wrote for his daughter, Evie, titled “The One and Only Sparkella.”

“Say what?!?! #1 on the #NewYorkTimes #Bestseller list!! I’m literally speechless right now!!! Ten year old me would never believe this.”

Here’s his celebratory post about hitting the top of the chart, plus a few more posts from his Instagram proving he knows how to make the ‘magic’ last.

Channing Tatum’s naked selfie makes my Hump Day all the better.

Silver-Haired Daddy Is Dancing Us Through Hump Day

(screen capture via Instagram)

This past Saturday, a Facebook user shared a clip of this silver-haired daddy throwing down some serious moves. Accompanying the video was the simple question, “Who’s father is this? I’m trynna make him my daddy.”

The post has been viewed 2.7 million times on Facebook and shared more than 51,000 times.

Well, you know someone was going to come up with the pertinent details 🙂

Turns out his name is Gianluca Vacchi, 52, and the video is from his own Instagram where he has 14 million followers. Vacchi posted the clip six days ago, and so far has racked up over 4.4 million views.

Take a look and you’ll see why we’re having Daddy Gianluca:

Vacchi has been described as an “entrepreneur,” “a multi-millionaire,” even a “hedonism-loving playboy” according to GQ Magazine UK.

The Evening Standard named Vacchi as the 4th most influential fashion Instagram celeb, and he reported commands over $16k for a single post.

Back in 2014, Vacchi was discovered dancing with hottie Zac Efron in some Instagram posts shared from Italy.


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Daddy GV can bust some serious moves.

He takes a good pic, too. Take a look at some more from the oh-so-woofy Vacchi.


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Isn’t it the purest love you can receive?What do you think? #Doyoulovedogs? 🐶 ❤️ • • #dogbestfriend #gvlifestyle #miami #dog

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Today is saturday and i decided that will spend sometime answering to some of your comments Enjoy @ducos__ #gvlifestyle

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Back again…😉 Thanks to the instagram team #gvlifestyle

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Something For Everyone At 2019 Mister Global Competition

(all images – David Ryo)

It’s Hump Day and you know what makes getting to the end of the week just a little easier?

Man Candy!

Launched in 2014, Mister Global is a male pageant that promotes environmental awareness.

The 2019 edition, recently held in Bangkok on September 26, chose ‘Inspiring Gentleman’ as its theme.

Kitti Kamjunsa, a spokesperson for the pageant, told BoredPanda the theme was chosen because “We believe that the contestants and titleholders should motivate and inspire people.”

This year’s pageant raised funds for an organization that takes care of elephants in Thailand, which was the host country for 2019.

Mister Global names its Top 16 contestants, and this year it was Korea’s Jong Woo Kim that came out on top. Tunisia’s Houssem Saïdi snatched the second place crown, and Spain’s Jose Luis Rodrigo came in third.

Check out the swimsuit competition below. I notice Mr. USA kinda has some attitude when he walks out. Later in the clip, you see the Top 16 do solo walks, and he’s not one of them, so…there you go.

One category that receives a lot of attention is the National Costume Show that allows contestants to showcase and celebrate clothing that represents their country.

Some of the costumes are extremely ornate and sophisticated designs that spotlight the country’s heritage, some utilize the colors and design of a country’s flag, and some (to be honest) are meant to go viral on social media.

Each of the 38 contestants was captured by photographer David Ryo, and there’s definitely something for everyone.

Some of the costumes were stunning, some were a little…surprising?

We’re looking at you, Mr. Sweden and Mr. USA.

Here’s just ten that caught my eye in no particular order.

You can see them all on the Mister Global Facebook page here. Plus, there’s the shirtless pics for all the men on the official Instagram page.

Let me know what you think in the comments.


News Round-Up: October 3, 2018

Some news items you might have missed:

• Look at that concentration, look at that beefy bicep. Fitness guru Ramses Principe (above) is getting over Hump Day like a boss!

• After traveling to San Francisco, a gay man contracted bacterial meningococcal meningitis which resulted in the permanent loss of his hearing, temporary inability to walk, and his vision for a period. Still coping with the hearing loss, the man was recently fitted for cochlear implants. The first thing he heard when the device was turned on was his longtime boyfriend proposing to him.

• Folks in Minnesota now have a non-binary option when specifying gender on their driver’s license. Along with “M” for male and “F” for female, Minnesotans will also have “X” to choose from representing non-binary.

• After the New York Times’ bombshell investigation into Donald Trump’s wealth, New York state tax officials are looking into allegations that Trump may have committed tax fraud over the years.

• Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke leads GOP incumbent Sen. Ted Cruz by three points in a new poll tracking the senatorial race down in Texas.

• Check out the trailer for Reach starring Garrett Clayton (Hairspray Live!) as “Steven Turano,” a socially awkward band geek who shares with a pro-suicide group that he’s planning on killing himself due to bullying by his father and a school bully.

However, when Clarence, the new kid in school, befriends him, Steven’s plans are sidetracked and he forms stronger relationships with his father, friends, and teachers.

Reach will be in limited theaters and VOD October 19.

InstaHunks: Hump Day Edition

Happy Hump Day to all you shiny, happy people!

I’m back from my travels with the hubby to Europe and getting back in the blogblog swing of things.

Here’s some mid-week eye-candy to get you through starting off with the oh-so-hunky Austin Wolf.

More please… 🙂

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Hump Day InstaHunk Round-Up

(via Instagram)

A pensive Nick Sandell (above) kicks off this edition of Hump Day InstaHunk Round-Up 🙂

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Hump Day Round-Up

Whoo! So busy here at Randy Report Central! Gotta love a pot of coffee.

I’ve been on a blogging roll this morning, but stopping and alternating hours with working on choreography for South Pacific at San Diego Musical Theatre. We started rehearsals last night and open April 28. So, if you’re in the area come check out the show!

I’m getting up to get some sunlight on my face like Dr. Marco (above) who’s not only a fitness trainer but a medical student!

Here’s some more outdoor Hump Day eye-candy to help you get to Friday 🙂

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InstaHunk Round-Up

Alex Abramov

What’s the answer to a blah Wednesday? Woofy eye-candy to get over Hump Day!

Coping with the current snow storm in NYC, InstaHunk Alex Abramov (above) is not having the light: “When it’s mess outside and you even don’t have enough light to take a nice picture after workout, so you are just standing there and pretending that you took picture on Polaroid.”

Meanwhile, Nick Sandell (below) seems to have not only found the light but better weather.

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