Short Film: “The Text” (“El SMS”)

Short Film: “The Text” (“El SMS”)

Coca-Cola’s True Friendship campaign, which shows teens how not to be cruel at “crossroads moments,” teamed up with Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black on this short film about two teen besties and “that” moment.

From the official description:

In this eight-minute film, a group of teen boys joke and tease each other in the usual high school way about girls, video games and such-like.

Two of the boys are especially close buddies, but Rafael is hiding something from his friend Diego – he’s gay.

When he leaves his phone unattended, Diego reads a text that surprises him.

His decision to cover for his friend, and accept him for who he is, is what cements this true friendship. And, as Rafael points out, gay guys know all the pretty girls.

I have to say: well done. The “moment” has it’s tension and the background is laid beautifully. The rhythms of the dialogue feel like those high-school friends we probably still have in our lives today.

Make sure the closed-caption subtitles are on.

Coke and a smile.

Short Film: “The Text” (“El SMS”)