Short Film: “The Curse Of The Un-Kissable Kid”

Short Film: “The Curse Of The Un-Kissable Kid”

Director Mark Marchillo spins a totally charming tale of Joshua, a 14-year-old teen who’s coping with bullying and his own sexuality.

One day, Joshua meets a psychic at a local carnival who gifts him with a magic potion guaranteed to help him make more friends.

BUT – there’s always a “but,” right? – after he drinks the potion, it’s revealed that unless he’s able to experience a true love’s kiss within 24 hours, he will disappear.

Who thought up that kind of “help?”

He and bestie Caitlyn immediately set out to find the perfect love, but to no avail.

Finally, they set up a kissing booth, maybe bigger numbers will set the odds in Joshua’s favor!

And along comes Caitlyn’s neighbor, Harry, and that’s when the real magic sets in.

Young love, kissing AND musical numbers!

Watch below.