Sean Hannity Says He Never Promoted Ivermectin For COVID-19

Sean Hannity claims he never promoted the use of anti-parasitic ivermectin for treating COVID-19

On his radio show Friday, conservative political pundit Sean Hannity claimed he never promoted the use of ivermectin in treating COVID-19.

“People wrote this story, by the way, that I had been telling people [to use] ivermectin,” Hannity said on the air Friday.

“Linda, is that not the one thing that I kept saying, there’s not a single study that I’ve seen that shows that it works?” Hannity queried his producer on his syndicated radio show.

“One hundred percent,” she answered.

This is the same guy who flip-flopped on the severity of the coronavirus pandemic after a stock market crash scared him into promoting the vaccines.

In the video below, Media Matters begins with his recent statement followed by a super-cut of the times Sean Hannity brought up using ivermectin for treating COVID-19, and it wasn’t “there’s not a single study….”