Gay Scandal-Ridden Congressman-Elect Has An Ex-Wife?

George Santos
Rep-elect George Santos (R-NY)

The strange tale of Rep.-elect George Santos (R-NY) gets more and more twisted. But don’t worry, he says he’ll answer all questions….next week.

In case you missed it, the situation began to unravel when the New York Times published a report showing that the college Santos claimed to have earned a degree at had no record of him.  Nor did the investment banks (Goldman Sachs, Citibank) he claimed to have worked at.

Within a day, the Jewish news publication Forward discovered evidence indicating Santos had fabricated much of his family’s history, including his being Jewish.

Then, earlier today, The Daily Beast reported that Santos had been married to a woman until just weeks before launching his first congressional campaign, despite the fact that he claims to have been openly gay for years. According to public records, his divorce was finalized 12 days before Election Day of his first run at Congress.

But wait – there’s more!…

Today, Santos took to Twitter promising to set the record straight about his  apparently fabricated personal and professional history. Next week.

“To the people of NY-03 I have my story to tell and it will be told next week,” Santos wrote. “I want to assure everyone that I will address your questions and that I remain committed to deliver the results I campaigned on; Public safety, Inflation, Education & more. Happy Holidays to all!”

As many on Twitter pointed out, all these questions could be cleared up in a minute or two.

Just say if you earned a degree, or founded a non-profit animal rescue, or if you’re Jewish, or if you were married to a woman for the better part of a decade when you have said you “never had an issue” with your sexual identity “in the past decade.”

In January 2021, Santos claimed his fiancé lost his job after the couple attended Donald Trump’s $1,000-per-head COVID-unsafe New Year’s Eve bash at Mar-a-Lago.

For a deeper breakdown, check out my friend Michelangelo Signorile’s take on the situation.