Rugby: The Crotch Grab Seen Round The World

Making the “viral video” rounds today – the “crotch grab” seen round the world. This brings new meaning to the term ‘contact sports.’

Rugby pro Korbin Sims’ casually grabbed fellow rugby pro Willie Mason’s crotch over the weekend, and that move is garnering more attention than any plays from their televised game.

During the second half of Manly’s game versus Newcastle, Mason’s was preparing to play the ball when the incident occurred.

You’ll note Mason doesn’t flinch, and he reportedly laughed about it later: ‘Offended? Please. I think it’s hilarious,’ Mason tells ‘It’s just two good teammates from the last three years having a good old … just having a good re-acquaintance.’

‘It was quite funny to me. He’s just a good young kid and I would hope that nothing is done because of it.”

I’m guessing Sims just wanted to know why Mason is called “Big Willie.” Now, he knows… LOL