Hump Day: Meet The Latest Royal Hottie

Royal hottie Arthur Chatto
The latest royal hottie, Arthur Chatto (image via Instagram)

Step aside, Prince Harry – there’s a new royal hottie on the scene.

The interwebs are crushing big time on Queen Elizabeth’s grand nephew, Arthur Chatto, and it’s easy to see why. The grandson of Princess Margaret, the Queen’s younger sister, Chatto is 26th in line to the British throne.

In his Instagram bio, the 21-year-old notes he holds two World Record titles – one as part of the youngest team to row around Great Britain and a second as the youngest person to do so.

Chatto, along with his rowing team, is currently raising money in support of the British Red Cross and COVID-19 frontline workers. The buff heartthrob studies geography at University of Edinburgh and works as a personal trainer.

Royal hottie Arthur Chatto
(image via Instagram)

EOnline notes that in addition to all those activities, young Arthur (Art to his mates) is also “a burgeoning fashion expert and influencer, as an official ambassador for Elliot Brown Watches and the mountaineering apparel brand Jöttnar.”

As you can see, the young royal keeps busy.

Since it IS Hump Day, let’s get to know the hottie a bit better by perusing his Instagram which is basically packed with impressive physical feats.