Recharging In Brazil, Meet-Ups In Mexico + More InstaHunks

Fitness guru Mauro
Mauro (image via Instagram)

Checking in with some of my favorite InstaHunks this week beginning with fitness guru Mauro, who recharged down in Brazil.

News guy Steven Romo and hubby Stephen Morgan explored Turks And Caicos (swipe for more):

Jordan put a Mario Brothers spin on the silhouette challenge:

Karlitos Amarilla can captain our boat anytime:

Okkar Min Maung was feeling that Lavender haze:

Marek went total Disco Daddy for his birthday (swipe for more):

Nathan doesn’t play around on shoulder day:

Shomari Francis is ready for new beginnings:

Elliott Norris enjoyed the afternoon end-glow of Coachella 2023…

…while Randy Bear and Justin took it into the night:

Tyler Spelane says he’s “happiest when wet.” #understandable

Rich Burns (of the acclaimed web series The Disappointments) chilled by the pool with his canine nugget, Luca.

Austin and Jose had their first lake day of the summer:

Austin Wolf had a meet-up (or “meat-up?”) in Mexico:

Moises Amaya explained bottoms and tops to his mother:

We’re pretty sure men make passes at Kevin Davis in glasses:

Indie recording artist Milahroy was singing in the shower: