Randy Rainbow Parodies Fiddler On The Roof ‘Sedition!’

Randy Rainbow parody 'Sedition!'

Political satirist Randy Rainbow breaks his own rule of never parodying a song twice after getting numerous requests to revisit ‘Tradition’ from the hit Broadway musical, Fiddler on the Roof.

Rainbow first tackled the tune back in May with ‘Distraction!

After the events of this week at the U.S. Capitol, Randy Rainbow parodies Fiddler again with this second satirical take titled, ‘Sedition!’

As usual, Rainbow’s lyrics are sharp as a tack as he takes on Trump and his delusional supporters insurrectionists who continue to push the baseless idea that the Donald ‘won his reelection in a landslide’ (oh my sides).

“A Twitler with no proof. Sounds like a horrible idea for a musical, no?” says Rainbow in the prologue. “Or at least a horrible idea for a president.”

“How does a desperate lame duck president and his boot-licking minions with no hope or evidence try to overturn an election they’ve clearly lost multiple times?” continues our hero. “I can tell you in one word – Sedition!”

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