Quote of the day: Christopher Meloni

How do you not love a guy this cool?

LGBT ally and all around hottie Christopher Meloni talking to the Advocate:

“When it comes to homophobia, I think it’s a basic aspect of the human animal, which is to say we fear those things that we don’t know or understand. There’s comfort in tradition and change scares many people on a variety of levels.

“But it’s just sex. Everybody relax. All these arguments against [LGBT equality] is a bunch of flack being thrown up into the air to try to divert attention. Bigots love it when they can grab on to any kind of ‘gay perversion.’ But who are they kidding? Straights are just as perverse. We’re all a bunch of kinks, and we have a degree of kinkiness in all of us.”

Read the whole article because it’s worth it. At one point, when asked if he’s surprised he still has a big gay following since his bisexual role as Chris Keller on HBO’s “Oz” he jokingly answers “With the ass that I’m sporting? No,” he jokes before bursting into laughter.

Don’t miss Meloni’s new series Surviving Jack airing Thursday nights at 9:30/8:30 Central on Fox.