Ryan Phillippe’s 42 Year-Old “Dad Bod” Is Pretty Awesome

Shirtless Ryan Phillippe gives good shirtless "dad bod" at 42 years old

Actor Ryan Phillippe shared a few behind-the-scenes snaps via Instagram of his upcoming photo layout for Men’s Fitness magazine proving he gives new meaning to the term, “dad bod.”

Check those shoulders and triceps. Ryan makes 42 look awesome.

Derek & Drew Riker, photographers who happen to be handsome twins, handled the lens responsibilities for the shoot. The layout is scheduled to be featured in the June issue of the mag.

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Just Because: Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas, one-time Disney golden boy, has found his own grown-up groove with band DNCE.

Check out his edgy photo shoot for Flaunt here.

I’ve been so busy looking at him the past couple of years, I forget DNCE had a yuuuge debut hit, “Cake By The Ocean.”

Do a little #TBT and catch that music video below (over 250 million views).

#TBT – Hottie Young Tim Kaine

How about this for #ThrowBackThursday?

I’ve always thought Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate Tim Kaine has a handsome face, but take a look at these pics of a young Tim Kaine!


(h/t Queerty)

Olympics: Highlight From Opening Ceremony

His name is Pita Nikolas Taufatofua, and as the oiled-up, shirtless flag bearer for Tonga, he certainly took Twitter by storm during the Parade of Nations at Friday’s Opening Ceremonies.

According to his personal website, the Australian-born 32-year-old taekwondo athlete has spent “his whole adult life working in homeless shelters with the underprivileged to show and teach people the power of self belief.”

Oh, and then there’s the Instagram. You won’t want to miss that 🙂

Bobby Holland Hanton, Chris Hemsworth’s Body Double, Is “God-Like” As Well

(via Instagram)

Chris Hemsworth’s body double, Bobby Holland Hanton, is just as ridiculously good looking as you’d expect.

There. Now you know. Woof.

Hanton has been working as Hemsworth’s body double since Snow White and the Huntsman, and continued on as stunt double in Thor 2, and has been a part of Team Hemsworth ever since.

Hanton says he has to eat about 35 meals a day and train 2x daily to stay near Hemsworth’s god-like size.

Standing in for Hemsworth isn’t Hanton’s only credit though – he’s been a stunt double for other stars (good-looking ones) like Christian Bale, Channing Tatum, Daniel Craig, and Chris Evans.

Much more at his Instagram here.

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