Queer Rapper Big Dipper Has Got You “Lookin”

Rapper Big Dipper has got you "Lookin"
Rapper Big Dipper has got you “Lookin”

Queer L.A.-based rapper Big Dipper shares his new video for the single “Lookin,” featuring men of all sizes, colors, and shapes getting wet and wild at the car wash.

Big Dipper spoke my other home, Instinct Magazine, about the video:

“I wanted to take all the stereotypical set ups from stupid college frat movies and flip the over-sexualization of women in bikinis at car washes. I wanted to feature big, thicc, fat guys who like to show off and dance….the type of bodies that get overlooked in typical media representation.”

“I also really wanted to make a dance video that shows big and fat guys really moving and hitting tight choreography. It was important for me to cast a wide range of bodies and types of guys to feature in the visual.”

“LOOKIN celebrates the people who catch your eye…those people out in the world who have that special something that makes you look twice. For me, big confident guys who know how to use their bodies have always piqued my interest, so I wanted to show them off in a video. I try to put that vibe out into the world and I wanted the visual for LOOKIN to reflect that.”

I think this is fab fun. Hit the play button and get down with Big Dipper and crew.