QAnon Shaman: ‘I Am Deeply Disappointed In Trump’

Jake Angeli, aka the 'QAnon Shaman'
Jake Angeli (screen capture)

Jake Angeli, aka the “QAnon Shaman,” who proudly took part in the violent invasion of the U.S. Capitol Building on January 6, now says he is “disappointed” in Donald Trump and apologizes for his participation in the January riot.

Angeli, whose real name is Jacob Chansley, said in a statement released by his attorney, he now realizes he was “wrong.”

From the Arizona Republic:

Angeli, whose costume and painted face had helped make him an icon of the incursion, was arrested by the FBI and charged with six criminal counts, including two felonies, that could net him 28 years in prison. He has been ordered held in custody in D.C. pending trial.

Angeli said that his incarceration “has permitted me to start reanalyzing my life,” the statement said.

Among the aspects of his life, he has re-analyzed was his support of Trump.

“I am deeply disappointed in former President Trump,” Angeli said in his statement. “He was not honorable. He let a lot of peaceful people down.”

Angeli expressed regret for his actions on January 6 in his statement as well. “I am sorry for having aroused fear in the hearts of others. That was wrong. Period.”

“Please be patient with me and other peaceful people who, like me, are having a very difficult time piecing together all that happened to us, around us, and by us,” he added. “We are good people who care deeply about our country.”

If you put all of that through a Google Translate, it comes out: “I really don’t like being in prison. Get me out of here.”