Iceman & Pyro Mix Fire And Ice In New “X-Men: Gold” Comic Book

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Growing up, I was truly a super-hero comic book fanatic. They were my escape.

Little did I know the allegories being taught and the messages being sent by heroic figures in those pages and pages of fantasy.

Fast forward to today, where a member of the X-Men, Bobby Drake (“Iceman”) is now openly gay and in a new issue, has a one-night stand with fire-powered super-mutant Simon Lasker, also known as “Pyro.”

I guess opposites really do attract.

In X-Men: Gold #32, Pyro is revealed exiting the bathroom announcing that the shower is free before adding, “Or, I could go back in if you want company.”

Drake hems and haws as he tries to tell Pyro, “I thought we agreed last night was a onetime thing.”

Pyro offers a cheeky, “Actually, if I’m counting right, last night was a three-time thing…”

Unfortunately, the super-heroes are then interrupted by a noise.

Iceman formally came out in 2015, during a time-travel episode that took him to the future to meet his older self.

In that story line, its the newly-out younger Bobby Drake that addresses the issue with his future, still-closeted self.

I know, I know, that time travel thing gets complicated.

In any case, here’s hoping Iceman works things out for something more permanent with Pryo.

Time will tell.

Issue No. 32 of X-Men: Gold hits stands July 18.

Like other comic book fans, several Twitter users were shook by the development: