Grindr Poll: How Has COVID Affected Your ‘Social’ Behaviors?

Congress is considering legislation that would require internet platforms to allow an algorithm-free version of the platform.

The popular gay dating app Grindr asked 10,000 users in the U.S., Brazil, Mexico, and India how their ‘socializing’ behaviors have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Just some of the results of the poll:

• 88% say discussing COVID safety helped them make a decision about whether or not to meet up with someone

• 69% say they’ve watched more porn

• 64% say they’ve been more likely to try new socially distant ways of meeting up

• 58% say they’re more interested in a long term relationship than they were before the pandemic

• 31% say they’ve hooked up with a mask on

• 71% say trading pictures and videos on Grindr helped them get off during the pandemic

• 59% of users say their sex drive has increased during the pandemic

• 48% say they’ve hooked up virtually during the pandemic

Head over to Grindr’s blog for more results from the survey.

Who’s been on Grindr lately? (stock image via Depositphotos)

News Round-Up: November 13, 2018

Adrian de Bererdinis, the Bear-Naked Chef

Some news items you might have missed:

• Woofy ‘Bear-Naked Chef,’ Adrian de Berardinis (above), has scored a super-cool gig for the next month traveling and cooking for former First Lady Michelle Obama as she travels around the country on her book tour.

• An alleged hookup in Australia went horribly wrong as an American man seems to have jumped from his 3rd floor balcony in the middle of the night impaling himself on a poolside table leg.

• Police are investigating threatening calls made to two Boston area gay bars. The threats included gun violence.

• Over 50 men have filed complaints against a gay pop star in Turkey for allegedly hooking up with them, then trying to blackmail them for money to keep their sexuality hidden.

• The point of a new alt-right video game titled Angry Goy II is to target and slaughter minority groups like LGBTQ people in a Pulse Nightclub-like setting. The creator of the game refers to gay men as “mongrels” and “degenerates” that should be destroyed by using “guns, knives, pepper spray, and more.” He sounds nice.

• Check out the latest from electronic duo Phantoms (aka Kyle Kaplan and Vinnie Pergola), alongside actress and singer Vanessa Hudgens, in their new single, “Lay With Me.”

The music video is inspired by the history of friendship between Phantoms and Vanessa, giving a wink to the TV/Film phenomenon, High School Musical.

Speaking of musicals, Hudgens is set to play the bisexual role of “Maureen” in the upcoming RENT Live! scheduled to air January 27.

I love how they get out of control (and the two girls kissing) the last minute of the video 🙂

Iceman & Pyro Mix Fire And Ice In New “X-Men: Gold” Comic Book

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Growing up, I was truly a super-hero comic book fanatic. They were my escape.

Little did I know the allegories being taught and the messages being sent by heroic figures in those pages and pages of fantasy.

Fast forward to today, where a member of the X-Men, Bobby Drake (“Iceman”) is now openly gay and in a new issue, has a one-night stand with fire-powered super-mutant Simon Lasker, also known as “Pyro.”

I guess opposites really do attract.

In X-Men: Gold #32, Pyro is revealed exiting the bathroom announcing that the shower is free before adding, “Or, I could go back in if you want company.”

Drake hems and haws as he tries to tell Pyro, “I thought we agreed last night was a onetime thing.”

Pyro offers a cheeky, “Actually, if I’m counting right, last night was a three-time thing…”

Unfortunately, the super-heroes are then interrupted by a noise.

Iceman formally came out in 2015, during a time-travel episode that took him to the future to meet his older self.

In that story line, its the newly-out younger Bobby Drake that addresses the issue with his future, still-closeted self.

I know, I know, that time travel thing gets complicated.

In any case, here’s hoping Iceman works things out for something more permanent with Pryo.

Time will tell.

Issue No. 32 of X-Men: Gold hits stands July 18.

Like other comic book fans, several Twitter users were shook by the development: