Pumped For Arm Day + More Favorite InstaHunks

Pumped For Arm Day + More Favorite InstaHunks

Checking in with some favorite InstaHunks this week staring with Curt sharing a post-arm day flex. #NotMadAtDat.

Shade Andrew was not too big, not too skinny #JustRight

Jim Newman celebrated National Nude Day:

Adam found wood on Fire Island…

…while Josh was all smiles out on the water:

Josh and Shadow played video games:

Joe got his Friday started with a cuppa joe…

…while Okkar Min Maung headed to Dreamland:

Tommy had fun with his furry friend:

Out NFLer Carl Nassib celebrated boyfriend Søren’s birthday:

Thai came beach ready:

Gus Kenworthy shared his Fire Island photo dump…

…while Facundo warned folks about (swimsuit) sharks:

Andre celebrated his birthday with an eye on reset and refresh:

Pierre really wanted to stay in bed:

Ignacio celebrated Gustavo’s birthday with some ‘couple time’…

…and Steven and Stephen shared a kiss:

Zach and the firemen to the rescue:

And DJ Jae Fusz was doing the damn thing: