Provincetown Declares Sewer Emergency

Provincetown Declares Sewer Emergency
Provincetown (image via Town Manager)

Provincetown, the Cape Cop summer vacation spot loved by the gays, is currently going through a sewer emergency causing many popular tourist restaurants to close.

From NBC Boston:

Some residents were asked to refrain from flushing their toilets or showering except when necessary, and public restrooms were being replaced with port-a-potties.

Any food or restaurant business that is using its vacuum sewer system must immediately close, the town said in its emergency declaration Thursday. It added that residential properties on this system must cut back on water use, “including dishwashing, laundry, showering and only flush when absolutely necessary.”

Officials anticipate needing up to 48 hours to make repairs to the vacuum system and get it running as normal, Town Manager Alex Morse said in a statement.

Town Manager Alex Morse says the shutdown only applies to the town’s vacuum sewer system and not the gravity system. Read the full report here.

Provincetown Declares Sewer Emergency
Map of the affected areas – rather creative color choice, no?