Proud Boys Disrupt ‘Rainbow Storytime’ At Public Library

Anti-LGBTQ hate group Proud Boys disrupted Rainbow Storytime event in South Bend
Proud Boys in South Bend (images via Twitter)

Shortly before a scheduled Rainbow Storytime program at the Tutt Branch of the St. Joseph County Public Library, men carrying a flag reading ‘Michiana Proud Boys’ entered the room where the event was to be held and demanded it be shut down.

Via the South Bend Tribune:

In a video, the men badgered library staff and event attendees for around 45 minutes, calling the books that were to be read a “perversion” and belligerently asking “what gives you the right” to push sexuality on children.

“You’re grooming these children’s minds,” one of the Proud Boys said. “This is our region and we will not have that in our region.”

Eventually the men left after being talked to by South Bend police officers and the library’s security personnel, though the reading event was postponed after most of the families went home.

“It is a shock and we are very disappointed an event celebrating LGBTQ+ communities was disrupted,” said Marissa Gebhard, communications manager for the library system. “Our staff are very affected by it.”

“The library will always be a welcoming place for everyone of all viewpoints, so the library will continue to offer programs like this no matter what the response is,” Gebhard said.

Gebhard told the Tribune that the books that were scheduled to be read were “carefully selected” and meant to promote gender inclusivity in an age-appropriate manner.

Gebhard added that the library will reschedule the Rainbow Storytime event, and will continue to offer programming “to all members of our community.”

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