Protester Rushes Stage At Hillary Clinton Rally, Clinton Doesn’t Flinch

The Independent is reporting on an animal rights activist who rushed the stage at a Hillary Clinton rally as the former Secretary of State was speaking.

Hillary Clinton was rushed at by an animal rights protester during a speech on the economy, the second time in a week. Ms Clinton was talking in Des Moines, Iowa, and facing the other way as a woman launched herself over the barrier and towards the stage.

She has been named as 26-year-old Kelsey Atkinson from campaign group Direct Action Everywhere, which fights for “total animal liberation”. Just as the protester got to the steps, Secret Service staff pulled Ms Atkinson away.

You’ll note as the Secret Service take the protester down in the background Hillary doesn’t even flinch or break stride as she continues talking on her policy proposals.

My girl Hillary is one cool customer 🙂