Pro Bowler Picks Up 7-10 Split On National TV

Anthony Neuer makes history at Pro Bowlers U.S. Open
Anthony Neuer makes history at Pro Bowlers U.S. Open

I spent much of my childhood in bowling alleys. It was the only sport I was ever actually good at.

My god mother was a pro-bowler, and she would take me to tournaments where I loved hanging out with the major players of the Professional Women’s Bowling Association.

At the age of 14, my bowling average was something like 209 and I considered maybe going pro myself. But, anyway…

All that to say: anyone who’s ever rolled a ball down an alley can appreciate this accomplishment by the ‘Ginger Assassin,’ Anthony Neuer.

Neuer converted the 7-10 split on national television marking only the fourth time in TV history that’s happened. AND, the first time in 30 years.

USA Today reports the moment came Sunday during Neuer’s semi-final matchup at the U.S. Open.

Despite the amazing feat, the 18-year-old would go on to lose the game to 26-year-old Jakob Butturff 257-203.

Still, give it up for Neuer. If you’ve never seen it done, check it out below.