Please Tell Coronavirus Trump Wants Economy ‘Reopened’ By Easter

(photo: public domain – Flickr/WhiteHouse)

Donald Trump has announced he wants the U.S. economy “reopened” by the Easter holiday on April 12.

That’s much sooner than medical experts have previously indicated would be prudent.

From the New York Times:

Even as nations from Britain to India declare nationwide economic lockdowns, President Trump said he “would love to have the country opened up, and just raring to go, by Easter,” less than three weeks away, a goal that top health professionals have called far too quick.

“I think it’s possible, why not?” he said with a shrug.

Participating in a town hall hosted by Fox News on Tuesday, he expressed outrage about having to “close the country” to curb the spread of the coronavirus and indicated that his guidelines on business shutdowns and social distancing would soon be lifted.

“I gave it two weeks,” he said, adding, “We can socially distance ourselves and go to work.”

Trump later amended his remarks saying, “This is a medical crisis, not a financial crisis,” and added his decisions will be based on health considerations and hard facts.