PetSmart Manager Shuts Down Anti-LGBTQ Troll

Professional asshole Ethan Schmidt-Crockett
Professional asshole Ethan Schmidt-Crockett

Ultra right-wing asshole Ethan Schmidt-Crockett loves spending his time traveling to different retail stores with Pride flags on display so he can harass the employees. But during his latest visit to a PetSmart store in Arizona, he met his match.

In the two-minute clip that has been seen by more than two-million, Schmidt-Crockett asked a cashier to take down the flag because it “offended” him “greatly.” The woman calmly called for assistance, which brought a manager to her register.

Schmidt-Crockett went on to describe the flag as “satanic” declaring that it represented “pedophilia and child sexualization.” By displaying the flag, he decided PetSmart was supporting such behavior.

Adding that he was “very offended and would like it to be taken down,” he also described the flag as “the rainbow of Satan. “Respect your customers and please take it down for me,” he continued.

But the manager, instead, showed the right-winger toward the door and asked Schmidt to leave because “we are supportive of LGBTQ+ people here.”

Hilariously, Schmidt kept referring to the store as PetCo rather than PetSmart, as the manager kept correcting him.

A PetSmart spokesperson told Insider that the business strives to “create an environment where every associate feels like they truly belong”, and they were proud of the workers for standing in support of the LGBTQ+ community. 

“We are proud of our associates who deescalated this situation and reinforced our commitment to belonging,” the spokesperson added. 

Schmidt recently told his followers he’s “hunting” LGBTQ rights supporters, and also “bringing back Jew hunting” to celebrate “white history.”

The Tucson Sentinel reports Schmidt is currently awaiting trial for DUI. In a video posted to Reddit, Schmidt can be seen flaunting his ankle monitor.