Perusing Provincetown + Pumped In Pink + More InstaHunks

Garrett Magee
Garrett Magee (via Instagram)

Checking in with some favorite InstaHunks this week, beginning with Backyard Envy star Garrett Magee, who hit up all his Provincetown favorites (swipe for more).

Hamza Kareem isn’t ready to let summer end…

…and neither is Kevin Carnell:

Jim Newman showed off some of the underwear samples he’s been sent:

Matteo Di Cecco went swimming with his doggo:

Elliott Norris reminds us to “love thy body:”

Facundo Rodriguez got flowers:

Charlie Carver rode off into the (muddy) Burning Man sunset:

Anthony Bowens was pumped in pink:

Artist Drew Fowler gave good face:

Steven Kelly took a pause while pumping:

Maluma is all pumped about his current Don Juan tour:

Ivan gave you Alaska Labor Day realness as he hiked his backyard:

David Mandaluniz enjoyed a quiet Saturday in Rome:

Antonio C did a little self-care while on vacay in Japan:

Jason Momoa went fishing and caught a big one:

Perusing Provincetown + Pumped In Pink + More InstaHunks