Performance Artist Alex Jones Goes Bat-Shit Crazy Over CNN’s Brian Stelter

OMG! This is totally scream-worthy.

This guy – Alex Jones – is a major player among conservative followers. THIS is what the far-right listens to.

And what’s sad is: this is just another day at the office for Alex Jones.

Here’s just a snack-size taste of his ramped-up crazy-town performance. This one rails at CNN contributor Brian Stelter.

“I pledge before my heavenly Father that I will resist them every way I can. These people are the literal demon spawn of the pit of hell – look at him. He runs your kids, he runs the schools, he runs the banks – this guy. This spirit. This smiling, leering devil that thinks you can’t see what he is. He is your enemy, period, all the narcissistic devil-worshiping filth. I see you, enemy. I see you, enemy. Enemy! Enemy!”

Grab the popcorn, kick back and laugh along…

(h/t JoeMyGod)