New Music: MILCK “This Is Not The End”

New Music: MILCK “This Is Not The End”

New music today from MILCK, who became a viral sensation performing her song “Quiet” at the Women’s March in Washington, D.C. last year.

“Quiet” went on to hit number 1 on Billboard’s 20 Best Protest Songs of 2017.

Her latest single, “This Is Not The End,” is from her upcoming self-titled EP on Atlantic Records.

The soaring, powerful anthem follows “Quiet” in underscoring her message of resistance and self-empowerment.

I will hunt my hunters down
Take back my broken crown
I will look them in the eye
Will not be the beast that hides
I will hunt my hunters down
This is not the end
Trouble will not take me in

Speaking to Billboard on the release of an acoustic studio version of “Quiet,” she said, “Whoever relates to this song and can garner some type of joy or support and to think on it and feel less alone. This is what music did for me growing up and still does now.”

Look for MILCK on The Today Show January 19 where she will perform “Quiet.”

She will also headline the Women’s March on New York City on Saturday, January 20th.

Listen to “This Is Not The End” below.