Oz Removes Mentions Of Trump From Website & Social Media

Banner from Dr. Oz Twitter account
(image via Twitter)

The folks at Axios have noticed that “Trump endorsed candidate for U.S. Senate” in Pennslyvania – Dr. Mehmet Oz – has begun to quietly scrub his campaign website and messaging of any mention of the former guy.

Between Trump’s endorsement on April 9 and primary day, May 17, Oz’s Twitter account mentioned Trump more than 70 times. Now? Not so much.

Via Axios:

Oz’s transition for the general election highlights the tightrope many Trump-endorsed candidates have attempted to walk — embrace the former president where it counts, while keeping him at arm’s length in situations where his brand is toxic.

Oz’s social media banners now say “Thank you, Pennsylvania,” and feature a solo photo of him without Trump. His website no longer has a pop-up fundraiser appeal touting his Trump endorsement.

Oz’s Twitter bio no longer advertises him as the “Trump Endorsed Candidate for U.S. Senate,” and he hasn’t tweeted about Trump since May 17.

Trump’s endorsement is still on the website but you don’t see it unless you click over to the Endorsements page. There’s not longer a pop-up window showing the two men together when you first go to the site.

The most recently polling shows Oz’ opponent, Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (D) leading the race by 9 points. p.s. did I mention Oz isn’t even a Pennsylvania resident?

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