Out Of The Race, Booker Signals He’d Consider Veep Slot

Sen. Cory Booker signals he’d consider being a vice presidential pick

Sen. Cory Booker may have dropped out of the race for the Democratic nomination but he’s in no rush to endorse another candidate.

Booker told “CBS This Morning” on Tuesday that he would probably endorse someone before the party’s nominating convention this summer.

But for now, Booker is going to “take a breather” from the campaign trail and turn his attentions to getting reelected to his Senate seat in New Jersey this fall.

Booker also shared that he’d had “no conversations” with any of the remaining candidates about being a possible vice presidential candidate.

“I’m not taking anything off the table,” he said, “but my focus really is New Jersey and my state and being, with my senior Sen. Bob Menendez, the best dynamic duo America has in the Senate.”