Out Music: Tom Goss Is Living His ‘Best Life’

Acclaimed out singer/songwriter Tom Goss releases his new single and music video, “Best Life.”

The guitar-driven pop bop is a bright and refreshing sonic sip of  sunny gratitude.

I’ve sang, and danced
And laughed until I lost my breath
I’ve held you so, loved harder than you’d ever know
I’ve lost and I’ve won it back again
And I’d do it all over if I had the chance
My best life, My best life, My best life

Like most of his music, Goss leans into his genuine authenticity to find the soulful center of the song.

“I wrote the song thinking about all the wonderful things in my life, especially my husband,” says Goss. “I made the video with found footage over the years.”

“The opening scene is the morning before I went off on my first national tour in 2008,” he adds. “We were so young and fresh. In a way, nothing has changed.”

Hit play and bounce along. Follow the terrific Tom Goss on Instagram here.