Out Music: PLEXXAGLASS Drops Dark, Haunting Debut Album

Dark pop recording artist PLEXXAGLASS recently released their stunning debut album titled, Where Is Your God, Knowing What You Know Now?


“WHERE IS YOUR GOD, KNOWING WHAT YOU KNOW NOW? is my memoir. If you listen close enough, you’re listening to an audio blueprint of the past 6 years of my life, as a person and an artist. It’s also a letter to you; you are worthy of telling and sharing your story. You never know who needs to hear it.”

PLEXXAGLASS releases their stunning debut album "Where Is Your God, Knowing What You Know Now?"

The eight song collection of haunting, ethereal pop music is a richly-layered showcase for the artist’s expansive and shimmering vocals.

One of my favorite tracks is the evocative, otherworldly “Tall” – a lush, vivid anthem of empowerment.

“‘Tall’ is a song I wrote to comfort myself through the growing pains we all find ourselves feeling in our late 20s – early 30s,” shares PLEXXAGLASS who identifies as nonbinary. “It was one of those songs that needed to come out of me for my sanity. It was survival.”

Hit the play button below to listen to “Tall.” Click here to stream all of Where Is Your God, Knowing What You Know Now?