Out Former NFL Player Esera Tuaolo Kills On “The Voice” Blind Audition

Well, I know who I’m pulling for on this season of The Voice!

From People Magazine:

Former NFL player Esera Tuaolo amazed The Voice judges and the audience with his rendition of Andra Day’s “Rise Up” on the premiere of the singing TV show.

Tuaolo, 49, kept his sexual orientation a secret from his NFL teammates during the nine years he was a defensive tackle, but the player revealed on Monday night’s show what it was like to finally come out.

“When I finished in the NFL, I came out to my family. When I said those words for the first [time], when I said that I was gay, it was like this huge mountain just crumbled,” the former Minnesota Vikings player said.

“I felt light as a feather, but when I jumped on the scale I was still that 6’4”, 300 pound Samoan that’s gay and played in the NFL.”

Going from NFL star to singer has been part of his journey to living his life to the fullest.

“What The Voice has given me is an opportunity to reach for the stars,” he said before stepping onto the stage.

My hubby, Michael, has known Esera for years and says he’s one of the nicest guys.

He does a great job on “Rise Up,” one of my favorite songs. Watch below.