OnlyFans Performer Pleads Not Guilty To Posting Sex Video Without Consent

Fabricio Da Silva Claudino (image via Instagram)

An OnlyFans performer who was arrested for secretly recording a sexual interlude with his boyfriend and then uploading the clip to his account without permission has changed his plea from guilty to not guilty.

Fabricio Da Silva Claudino, a former flight attendant for Emirates, reportedly filmed the video last year in July at their home in Marrickville, a suburb of Sydney, Australia.

As Instinct previously reported, Claudino pleaded guilty this past June to 11 counts of recording and distributing without consent several explicit images and a video clip.

At the time, the police report entered into evidence read, “The victim is clearly unaware of this activity being recorded and can be depicted in the recording as face down throughout.”

“At one point the defendant positions the mobile phone towards a mirror where his face is depicted … at no stage, did the victim consent to the defendant taking this recording.”

But the amateur porn performer changed his plea during a video hearing this week to not guilty.

Claudino admitted to recording the episode and distributing the images but says he did so with his ex-boyfriend’s consent.

He also told the court he only pleaded guilty because he was advised to do so by solicitor Brett Galloway.

“He said, ‘If you continue to plead not guilty your case will be adjourned to December 2020 or maybe longer to set a new hearing date because of the COVID-19 pandemic’,” said Claudino according to ABC News Australia.

The 32-year-old reportedly felt a guilty plea would speed his return to Brazil so he could care for his mother, who is currently facing cancer.

“I said, ‘I am the only financial support she has had since I was 18 — she is my priority at the moment,'” he said. “If this is the only way out of the situation, I agree to plead guilty.”

Claudino claims he turned to OnlyFans after his breakup (the relationship lasted about five months) as a means to earn the money to travel back home. Without a work visa, he was unable to secure legal employment.

Fabricio Da Silva Claudino (image via Instagram)

After finding new legal representation, Claudino was apparently informed: “a month’s worth of WhatsApp messages had been deleted from his mobile phone.”

His new lawyer, Alex Maroulis, told ABC News he is working to retrieve a text message chat about OnlyFans between his client and the ex-boyfriend.

Claudino says the missing text messages “would be in the period where the text messages have not been provided by [the alleged victim] or deliberately deleted by [the alleged victim].”

“With [the alleged victim’s] consent, I posted on the website ‘OnlyFans’ sexually explicit material of us and I did not show [his] face in any of the sexually explicit images that I posted on OnlyFans.”

Claudino also referenced a conversation he had with his ex in which he also obtained what he considered ‘verbal consent’ regarding sharing the video clip on OnlyFans.

“He said, ‘If you post any of our sex videos make sure my face does not appear — I will see how it goes for you and how much money you make, and I might join myself to make some money and get out of debt,'” says Claudino.

The alleged victim vehemently denies he gave consent regarding making the video or sharing it publicly.

The Australian ex-boyfriend told ABC News in February he discovered the videos while Claudino was visiting a friend in Melbourne. Apparently, distinctive body tattoos made it evident it was him in the clip.

Those tattoos, which he says he used to display proudly, now “feel like branding. I feel dirty … I lost my identity forever.”

Despite being granted bail in September, Claudino remains incarcerated. His next court appearance is scheduled for next week.

(source: ABC News Australia)