Ohio Cafeteria Worker ‘Lunch Shames’ Fourth Grader Over $9

Because children already living with ‘less’ need to be humiliated in front of their friends?

From CNN:

A boy from Ohio had the “worst birthday ever” after his school lunch was taken away because of an unpaid balance on his account.

Jefferson Sharpnack told his grandmother, Diane Bailey, that he was denied his lunch tray when he went to check out. Instead of getting the cheesy breadsticks he had picked out, he was given a piece of cheese and bread by the lunch staff at Green Primary School in Uniontown, Ohio.

It all happened on his ninth birthday, in front of other students in the lunch line, because of a $9 debt, according to Bailey.

Green Local Schools confirmed to CNN the incident occurred and that Jefferson received an alternative lunch that is given to students with deficit accounts. The lunch consisted of a cheese sandwich, side item and milk.

In the report below, Jefferson explains, “I got my cheesy breadsticks and put in my number, and when I was going to check out, the lunch lady didn’t say anything, took away my cheesy breadsticks and sauce, put them over there, and took out bread on cheese from the fridge and put it on my tray.”