North Carolina Lt. Gov. Compares Gays To Maggots & Cow Dung

North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson has made even more ugly remarks about LGBTQ+ people questioning the “purpose” of gay people comparing them to maggots and “what the cows leave behind.”

From The News-Observer:

Robinson made the remarks Sunday, Nov. 14, at Berean Baptist Church in Winston-Salem. They’re the latest statements he has made against gay, lesbian and transgender people, leading some state Democrats to call for his resignation.

In Winston-Salem, Robinson compared being gay to “what the cows leave behind” as well as maggots and flies, who he said all serve a purpose in God’s creation. “If homosexuality is of God, what purpose does it serve? What does it make? What does it create? It creates nothing,” Robinson said.

Robinson said he was once asked by a gay man: “So you think your wife and you, you think your heterosexual relationship is superior to my husband and my homosexual relationship?”

“Yes!” Robinson emphatically told the congregation.

“These people are superior because they can do something these people can’t do,” Robinson said, referencing having a child.

Read the full report here. You can watch the full hate-filled “sermon” below.

Last month, Robinson dispatched another ugly rant calling transgender people “drugged-up, dressed-up, made-up, cut-up.”

From the LGBTQ advocacy group Carolina Forward: