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Nine More Coronavirus Diagnoses In NY State

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (screen capture)

The New York Post is reporting nine more New Yorkers have tested positive for coronavirus bringing the current total to 22 cases in the Empire State according to Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Eight of the new cases are in Westchester, connected to a single New Rochelle lawyer, identified by sources as 50-year-old Lawrence Garbuz, while the ninth is on Long Island, Cuomo said.

The afflicted attorney’s wife, son, and daughter have also tested positive, as have a friend, his wife and three of their four kids, Cuomo has said.

A neighbor who drove Garbuz to the hospital has additionally been confirmed to have the potentially deadly disease.

Because he also has an underlying respiratory infection, Garbuz is currently hospitalized in Upper Manhattan, while the others are self-isolating in their homes.

In related news, the Dow Jones closed down another 969 points due to fears about the spread of the virus.