News Round-Up: October 5, 2021

Some news items you might have missed:

The Advocate: Southwestern High School in Piasa, Illinois, held a flag-themed day, and one student brought a rainbow Pride flag. A fellow student told him to get rid of the flag, and when the first student asked why, another schoolmate began punching and beating him while trying to take the flag away. The accused attacker has been charged with aggravated battery.

Pink News: Librarians in Wyoming could face criminal “obscenity” charges for stocking LGBT+ books in sections aimed at teenagers.

USA Today: Former NBA player Lazar Hayward got himself arrested for attempting to pass off a fake negative COVID-19 test result when trying to enter Hawaii last week.

Edge Media: Just seven months before taking home Olympic gold, Tom Daley had a serious bout with COVID so bad he instructed his husband Dustin Lance Black what to do if he stopped breathing.

Fox5Atlanta: One of the men accused of murdering Black jogger Ahmaud Arbery has requested the jury not see a photo of his Confederate flag license plate he so proudly displayed on his truck. I wonder why…?

CBS News: A deaf man says he was roughed up and tased during an arrest because the officers didn’t bother to notice he couldn’t understand their orders. He spent 4 months in jail with no access to a sign language interpreter or the ability to bail out. Now he’s suing.

WUSA9CBS: Robert Palmer – no longer a tough guy – sobbed on the shoulder of his attorney just moments before pleading guilty in U.S. District Court to felony assault on law enforcement during the violent January 6 invasion of the U.S. Capitol Building. He faces 46-57 months in prison.